YES, I SAID IT! Rationalization, here is the definition of it from Google:
1.the action of attempting to explain or justify behavior or an attitude with logical reasons, even if these are not appropriate.
I was thinking about this while listening to a podcast the other day about owning your decisions. In any situation, the human brain has ENORMOUS power to rationalize anything. Y’all, I have been there in my own times, have seen others do it, and it will always be a part of what we can do. We rationalize why we cant get into our clothes (the dryer shrank them and I didn’t like that shirt anyway). We rationalize why we cant get an exercise routine going. (Too little time, gyms cost too much money, its all a fad that people are using to get rich,) We rationalize our food choices.(Healthy food is so expensive, I deserve this greasy, sugary something because I have worked hard today, I don’t have the time to cook good meals or get healthy snacks, Good meals aren’t tasty enough for me, )
Our minds our POWERFUL tools! We have to change our mindsets to change our results. That is the first thing we must focus on to even start creating the path to your bliss. We must overcome the rationalizations and excuses that our minds create to help us stay content with what we have. Let’s take today to focus on what we rationalize the most and kick it out of our thoughts! For me, my most powerful rationalization is time management. I will focus on MAKING time for me,myself, my body, and my health. What’s Yours?

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