5 Must-Have Healthy Apps

I love technology that helps us in our everyday lives and makes things a little easier. Anyone who knows me, knows that me and tech-y things don’t always get along! Here are my Top 5 Must-Have Apps that are user friendly and are really worth the space on your phones!


My Fitness Pal is so helpful in learning how many calories/water/and WHAT you need to be eating along with tracking how many calories you have burned for the day. Is it preloaded with barcodes as well that makes it SUPER user-friendly for busy moms like me who are mostly eating on the go! I have also learned what not to eat from the sodium and artificial things that most of my food I was eating had in it! YUCK!


I love this when the weather is nice and I’m ready to go for a run outdoors. #1 I have moved to Birmingham recently and had no idea where I was going and it has maps of the roads built in so if I want an extra push I can see where I am going and where it loops around to! It also tracks your distance and time so you know how far you went last time for you can push yourself a little next time aound!


I just recently discovered this GEM! This has been a part of my “ME” time for the last few weeks and have been engulfing myself in TONS of happy, positive, podcasts from making money, to using time, to how to blog! It’s all there and a little for everyone! Again, great for on the go. I can plug it into my car stereo and listen on the way to work and be happy that I have a little extra time to listen instead of being angry that I got stuck in traffic! “Ahhh, the little things!”

Beachbody On Demand

I’m not going to lie, I used to be a beachbody coach but I love this because I never know what kind of moves to do while I am working out, or am I doing them the right way, or how long am I suppose to do each move! Exercising is so confusing when you are just getting started! This has guided workouts that you can do literally ANYWHERE! It has modifications to most workouts if you are just getting started and tons of programs so you wont get bored at doing the same things all the time!


I have been using spotify for a while now especially when I run because I can run my maps and music all at the same time! You can add the playlists you want and there are TONS of all different genres. I also love when I click off of it unlike youtube, it keeps playing so thats a nice feature that you dont have to pay for!

Please share your favorites down below in the comments!

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