Keto- WHAT!?!?!

Whoa! I have been digging in to alot of research on Keto-Dieting. So for many of you, I encourage you to go check out the varies blogs and sites about it and maybe one day when I know a bit more i will write my own. A brief description is that when you eat a diet of the 70, 20, 10 rule (70% of what you eat in fat, 20% in protein, and 10% in carbs) you develop ketosis where the body BURNS FAT AS ENERGY! This blew my mind y’all and all the dieting research in my mind was screaming NOOOO don’t DOOOO it! But on this journey of “self loving discovery” I am on, I am trying anything that sounds beneficial to my health and happiness! My morning ritual for the past 3 weeks has been indulging in “Bulletproof coffee” or “butter coffee”. A crucial step on the recipes is getting the right products! (you can adjust brands but look at ingredients, I BEG YOU!)
This is a recipe including 1 tbsp. ghee (found here) 1 tbsp. brain octane oil (found here) and 1 cup brewed organic coffee, I use k-cups(found here)-blend it up and there you have a great craving busting, energy lasting drink that is literally lasting me until I eat lunch! I used to drink 30 oz. of coffee a day and I was just barely making it through and now one cup lasts me all day! This has also help kickstart my ketosis where my body is doing alot of the work of using fat as the energy! I have been testing for ketones as well (testing strips can be found here). On this new crazy keto thing and I have been feeling so satiated and energized throughout the day since I have been in ketosis! The crazy keto thing just might be for me! Side note: I have lost 5 lbs all together in my weight loss journey but I wont attribute it only to bulletproof coffee because I have been following the ketogenic diet, and working out about 4-5 times a week also!


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