It’s Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am so excited to see comments and likes on the blog already! It’s Friday so this week is almost wrapping up but we still have so much in us to keep on pushing through to the next level of our journey! I am a perfectionist and I swear to y’all I have typed this a million (and one) times because that’s just how I operate! So when I drop the ball on something, it hits me HARD! So maybe you have done AMAZING this week or maybe NOT SO amazing! I am here to tell you, we are all struggling the same!

1.Decide what is going to work for you to succeed and make an action plan!

Whether that is making a menu to stick to, what time you are drinking your protein shake, choosing your workouts, buying the book for your own personal development, or downloading the apps to do podcast! Make your plan and decide what your NON-NEGOTIABLES will be and posting or writing your commitment for your eyes only!

Even if this week was a little rocky for you don’t let that stop you from seeing your goal at the end!

In the comments below, share your NON-NEGOTIABLES!

My commitments are:

Fitness goals, drink 5 bottles of water daily, commit to personal development on the way to work after the kiddos are at school, and doing my workouts from
Beach Body on Demand 5 times a week! and last but not least and nothing to do with fitness, 1 Family Day a week no matter what!

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