My PD (I didn’t get it at first either)

I have only recently begun my journey on the personal development “trend” that I see everyone doing. Not only did I not know how to get started, honestly I thought it was all a hoax to get rich people richer and take more of my money! I didn’t even know WHAT PD stood for FOR THE LONGEST TIME! Anyway, my journey began about a month ago when I was not fitting into ANY of my clothes, I had so much anger towards myself it was becoming toxic to be around me, and I was so anxious about money, my job, not feeling fulfilled, and lugging the kiddos around everywhere that I would literally wake up and have full-blown, not being able to breathe, panic attacks. I have been having these for several years now off and on but I have tried to avoid any help whatsoever, again rich getting richer schemes, and I’m not weak, I can handle it myself. Wrong! Not many people know that I have panic attacks and that I am so anxious because on the surface and in front of people I try to hide it all and be brave and outgoing because, that is who I want them to think I am, and who I want to be. So, like I said, couldn’t fit into my clothes, my bathing suits didn’t fit when we went on our beach trip this year, and I was so disgusted about how I was acting I couldn’t even face myself, how terrible is that? Well, I actually had a friend on Facebook who was posting all these great things about being positive and her weight loss journey that it prompted me to buy a book she had posted about when my mom and I went to the bookstore when we were out. “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero. It has prompted me to not only start my blog that I have been dreaming about for a long time, it motivated me to start up in the Beachbody business which connected me to a tribe of women who are struggling with the everyday grind just like I am and who post everyday in the challenge groups to hold us accountable to our goals and cheer us on. These groups lead me to the PlayerFM podcast player and one of the ladies led me to a life-changer y’all! First of all, let me say I didn’t even know what a podcast was when I joined the group and was a little intimidated that it was one of our focuses in the group, but they helped a girl out! I am now working backwards and listening to her everyday! It is the Earn Your Happy series by Lori Harder. I have also researched each guest that I have learned something from and it is opening up a whole new world! The next step in my journey is reading “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. She talks about it a lot on her blog and I am so excited to read this one! Has anyone read it yet? Let me know what is YOUR favorite way to get your personal development on! If you need anymore suggestions I can get a few to you as well!
Also, if you are wanting the books please buy through the link through the picture, I get a small commission! Thank you!

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