How I Save on Buying Organic!

Okay, so everyone has those excuses that come up when starting any journey. For me on starting my healthier eating journey, it was HOW EXPENSIVE ALL THE ORGANIC GROCERIES ARE!!! This was one of my biggest barriers because I am constantly tuning the budget looking for ways to cut expenses. Even though I have been researching ways to better my health and I have known that buying organic not only tastes way better, it has so many less chemicals and pesticides and less EVERYTHING that bad for you. For many years I could just not bring myself to make the switch. With starting the blyssyourheart journey, I have been making slight changes to better myself and my family and I wanted to show you how I save money on going ORGANIC! I included a shopping trip picture I made TODAY!!!

  1. Coupons! I know, this is a no brainer but I , like many others, had NO IDEA this existed until a friend mentioned it to me and I have been hooked ever since. My number 1 rule: KEEP IT SIMPLE! Any downloaded apps for stores are great to load the coupons on and scan at the register and many places have online ecoupons now which are AMAZING! My most used coupons these days are on the Target app, Publix e-coupons (and advantage buy flyers), and Winn Dixie ecoupons. TIP! Start off SLOW or if you have the time you can head into full-force but I will caution you that I did this method and was COMPLETELY CONSUMED by finding deals 24/7 and was obsessed after I got a buggy full of groceries for a couple bucks! With us moms with SUPER BUSY schedules I recommend a few sites to kick it off. I used to research deals and clip coupons on my own but now I just don’t have the time I did back then so I use:
  2. Menu Plans We have always had menus ever since I was little, thanks Mom, so it was just how my mom taught me to grocery shop. I didn’t discover that most people don’t do this until I was older. I do this because, I like lists and it keeps me sane through the busy work week, my husband can know what to start (or ask me how to cook) and to save that money! If you don’t have a list when you go to the store you buy impulsively and when you get home, you may not even have complete meals put together or you have BLOWN your budget. It happens to me every time I don’t make a list! So take the 30 minutes to get your meals together before you make that trip. For me my routine on grocery shopping is to see what I have in the cabinets and the fridge so say i have some leftover rice and one package of chicken. I start with that as Meal 1 write it in and maybe I’ll need to buy some veggies to go along with it, Ill start my shopping list, and add on that green beans. You get the idea. This means that most weeks at the end of the week my cabinets are bare and ready to go shopping again. Now, here is the tricky part and I have had to learn this through couponing and I have done this for several years now so I’m pretty good at it, if I see a “stock up” price, I will buy several. You can see this on my picture with the meats. If it is a “stock up” price and keeps well I buy alot then, guess what, at the beginning of my grocery shopping trip next week, I can already fill in more spots and USE LESS MONEY. (I’ll have a meal planner up soon but you can search and find one or just use notebook paper, whatever suites you and your family)
  3. Meat Know the days you grocery store marks the meat on sale. Don’t pay attention to the “sale” stickers because you need to look at price per lb.! I have looked at ALOT of meat in my day of trying to figure out when to buy and you will need to do some research in the beginning depending on your area of what time is a “stock up” price and when the grocery store is putting in last efforts, such as “sale” stickers or even Buy One Get One half off but its still not a great price compared to the “stock up” price. Now, I will tell you most “managers special” or as you see in the picture at Target “$ Off” coupons on the packages are where the best deals are. I always shop my Target, Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on when I have the time. That’s when I get my stock up price meats. If, by chance they have sold out already that’s okay I always have a few leftovers in my freezer that I can get by until I do find “stock up” priced meats or even if you have to buy full price for a little while longer or in between you will start to notice the difference in a few weeks!
  4. Veggies Veggies are great when bought in season! If you buy out of season you will end up paying more for them than in season veggies. This usually gives my brain a workout with some new way to cook and prepare the in season veggies. You can also buy frozen! They have the same amount of nutrients in them because they are frozen when they are picked at the peak of freshness and then frozen. I limit the meals I prepare with fresh veggies, or if I do have many meals I will buy everything for it and go to the store twice in one week to get the rest of the veggies. I hate spending the money for the GOOD STUFF and then it going bad before I can use it.
  5. How Often and Budgeting That brings me to my next topic of limiting yourself from going to the stores often. If you can try to limit yourself from going to the store but once a week and preparing your budget before-hand, you will cut out so many impulse purchases! Make your list and STICK TO IT! Go to the grocery store once a week (twice if you need those veggies) and have your budget. TIP! USE CASH! My finances have definitely been influenced by Dave Ramsey and I have used cash envelopes. I currently do not because I have become impulse proof (most of the time) and can get my list and get out! If you blow your budget or use that credit card way too much I suggest using cash envelopes. Plan your budget and get the cash out in an envelope before going to the store. If its out of your budget you cant get it! Slim down and look at things to cut, if you have picked up anything different than what is on your list PUT IT BACK!
    • When first starting out I looked at how much my grocery trips were from my statements and set my budget accordingly, I then made my meals and my list (using my couponing apps and buying things that would be on sale first then adding in to make a complete meal). I had so many trial and error trips!
    • Do you remember me saying I buy when its on sale, I do use a budgeting system that works for me and if I don’t use all the money for the week I keep it safe! Don’t try to justify using it for something else if you don’t absolutely HAVE TO! At first it was only about $20 I had to get some extra things to “stock up” on and now I can last a good while without having to buy any groceries and my budget is down to about $75 per week for a family of 4 including my stock up buys! So the trip I had today used a lot of my grocery budget savings for the month but its going to be at least a month’s worth of meat and now all I have to buy is veggies and/or sides!
  6. DON’T GIVE UP Last but not least, don’t give up keep going! Keep trying different ways to cut your budget and spend less on getting those healthy items. If you need help reach out, research, and remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE in trying to eat healthy on a budget!!IMG_20171017_093811_768In the trip today I was able to get 6 lbs of organic grass fed beef, wild caught salmon (2 packs) , salmon burgers to try out for my lunch, tilapia, 6 packages of chuck steak, 1 big package of petite sirloin steaks (has 8 small steaks), 2 packages of all natural (no steroid no antibiotics) ground turkey, 2 packages of all natural (no steroid no antibiotics) 93/7% ground beef and 2 packs of regular chicken breasts (i couldn’t find the GOOD STUFF on sale for that one, and I am still on my journey to the organic side!!

I am always down for getting extra help, comment below to give me some of your best grocery savings tips!!!


  1. Great post, Blyss! I have been able to stay on my low carb to no sugar diet and so far I feel great! I have lost couple of pounds and I’m pretty happy about my progress. Keep up the good post. I’m a fan.


  2. I totally get you with the whole “planning menus” thing. My mom sat down every Sunday before her grocery shop to plan out the meals we would eat for the week and make a list. I’m currently living with my boyfriend’s parents, and they decide the morning of what’s for dinner and go to the store every single day! It bugs me


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