Spread the L.O.V.E.

Whew, yesterday was a rough day back into the swing of things. I tried to multi-task again and did a bunch of things, half-well. I ran late for a few things and was trying to put together a post as well. I was so NOT-inspired until someone left me a personal comment and totally changed my attitude! She told me she made a BIG decision today and it was because of my influence with the blyssyourheart posts I have been doing. I can’t wait to get even more of those kinds of comments. I told her this was exhausting!! Being a mom to 2 boys and trying me best to be there for them in every way, trying to become the best wife I can be, learning more about my walk with God and really diving back in to studies and scripture which I have neglected for a while, learning more about managing my finances better and learning all the technical blogger things (that my boys probably know more about than I do on all this blogging, pages, posting stuff) all while trying to grow within my career as well as a retail store manager at Crazy 8.  All that to say, life can get C-R-A-Z-Y!!! It’s all about the ebb and the flow, a little give and take and how well you ride the waves determines how your life turns out. If life is throwing some hard days your way GET READY because it is going to get better so be ready to receive it! So today, please go leave a nice comment on someones blog, your friends Facebook, or notice someone’s efforts because they could be having a kinda whirlwind day that I was and can get completely inspired to be creative and dive back into their passion! Spread the love #blyssyourheart


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