You are so enough!

Just wanted to squeeze in a tiny post while I’m at football practice with the boys! We are talking about being worth it in my challenge group. Whether that is to find our fitness path, carve out time for you to relax, or even learn something new. For many moms or women in general, we don’t think that we are worth our time! We feel guilty when we spend time for ourselves. I especially can’t turn off my “gotta get things done and check it off my list” way of thinking. I’m constantly trying to relax when my brain pops up with “you could be doing another load of laundry”, or “did you already pack the lunches?” or how about “if rather get in that extra hour of sleep” (that’s my kryptonite).  That way of “checking my list” thinking is embedded in me and how I stay so organized [most of the time]. BUT YOU ARE ENOUGH! You are enough with everything you do, everything you dont do, and everything in between!  If you spend a little extra time on YOU instead of checking things off your list, guess what happens? The world keeps turning and life keeps happening but the effect is AMAZING! I have improved my happiness and way I think just by listening to uplifting things, taking time to care for my health and fitness, and in turn has made my productivity SKYROCKET! My challenge for you is to take SEVEN DAYS, yes all SEVEN! Take those days and each and every day carve out at least thirty minutes to do what you love. Use the “exchange your time” method to find ways to get it! Exchange that extra hour of sleep, load of laundry, the tv show, cooking meals, ask for help for the everyday so you can take some time for YOU! I promise you will see an improvement your productivity and outlook on life. I have a much more positive attitude than I did when I started this journey and I want to share it with everyone! This is a very small first step in creating your bliss! And remember to #blyssyourheart EVERYDAY!FB_IMG_1508973382000



  1. WOW! This is so wonderful! I’m spent all of my 50 years trying to “get it all done” while trying to make sure everybody else was happy! Never, not ever, have I thought to look at myself as being “ENOUGH” for anybody or anything! What a strange concept!,


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