So we are talking about abundance and thinking abundantly in all we do throughout our daily lives in our challenge group. And because its November, I have been seeing so many thankful posts all on social media. BUT, I woke up in somewhat of a crappy mood today and I was just off, maybe because I didn’t eat right yesterday, didnt exercise, and have not taken any “me” time this week. Since we are doing abundance for our oil this month I put some on and started to actively get my mindset right. I took a bath and put myself first today even though the kiddos are out of school and we planned taking a trip to a play place today. I then cleaned up because I can focus so much more clearly when I have my space right. I said 10 things I was grateful for in my life right now even amongst the craziness. I listed a whole bunch more and I just wanted to let everyone know how I get out of my funk because we ALL wake up on the wrong side of the bed eve when we get enough sleep even if we had such a great productive day the day before. We have the power to change our day. DON’T GO THROUGH AN ENTIRE DAY LIKE THIS. Our inner mindset creates our outer reality and I wholeheartedly believe this! After I took a pause, I was inspired, I was inspired to write this, I was inspired to take the kids to the play place and I was inspired to change my grumpy outlook. Go out there and LIVE ABUNDANT today! Because someone around you NEEDS YOU to BE ABUNDANT for them!

And if you want to get more info on the abundance oil to help you start your journey let me know through email or you can go read up at youngliving.com or join my tribe through this link: BOOOM!


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