My 4 ways I HAVE IT ALL!

For my entire life I have been living with a scarcity mentality. (without even knowing or realizing there was different mindsets to have!) I have been trying all along to throw tiny water bottles on the big fires in my life and would always try to shrink more to accommodate my problems. An example, whenever money would get tight I was constantly thinking “Okay, where do we cut from?” , “What bills can we eliminate?” , and essentially I was saying , “How can we grow smaller to fit into out budget?”

I have finally realized that I need an ABUNDANT mindset in all things in my life! The abundant mindset on having BOTH! What? I can have my cake and eat it too! Yes, there is another life out there that IS abundant! First it starts with mindsets, how can you GROW BIGGER than your problems? How can you think outside of the box for income? With today’s world, there are so many ways to learn how to earn money online, without sacrificing time. You see there is only so much TIME in your life, it is a limited resource. So think BIGGER, what ways can you start making passive income to let your money build on its own without your TIME being involved. There are so many!!!! Here’s my list of my 4 favorite ways I am earning passive income RIGHT NOW!

  1. Investing, SMART. My 401K is doing well and I am investing in a few things through my financial advising team too!
  2. Selling my online course (subscribe to my email to see how it goes)
  3. Affiliate Links through get yourself started today here
  4. Multi Level Marketing-(less passive more active but a fraction of the time from a 9-5 job) I joined Young Living Oils (which I highly believe in and I have been using for a while now which I think is the key to being successful in this type of income source-You have to use the product and BELIEVE in the product. If you don’t you are see through and no one will buy.  If you think this is a pyramid scheme I invite you to watch this quick video and enjoy a cartoon)

I am still working on my mindset and creating an ABUNDANT lifestyle. I am determined to HAVE IT ALL. My career, my family time, my relaxation time, My church time, my charity work, my dream home, and my dream life. If you have any tips on creating an abundant life please mention them in the comments below!!


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