Our New Weekly Tradition

Something stood out to me last week and I have decided to make a new weekly family tradition. That would be to have one COMPLETE family day per week. My personal why for doing all that I am doing now is to be home more with my family and to create financial freedom. So, in the process I have neglected my time with the family and have been blurring alot of the lines. Even though I know I have a LONG road ahead to really step into my dreams, I can’t replace any time that goes by RIGHT NOW. So for those of you who’s reasoning is family or creating memories, I just urge you to really think about delegating “office hours” or “family time only”. It’s so easy to be tempted in checking all your messages and groups and website (especially now since it’s growing). So have those moments with your family uninterrupted (turn your phone off or on airplane mode if you have to) and create those memories even if it is going to the movies, or eating popsicles , or going to the park because in the end those little things that you DRAG them to kicking and screaming are the memories they cherish the most when they get older. Juggling it all is worth it and you are worth it and your family is WORTH IT. Don’t get too caught up in the business that you forget the true why you started to do all of it in the first place. Today we went to Summit Cinemas and watched Justice League and last week we watched Thor (love to get the yearly popcorn bucket and so it takes a lot less to go to the movies). We also went to Steel City Pops which you should definitely try when you are out and about holiday shopping! We also went to Target and made a shopping list and a wish list for their Christmas (and got mommy a coffee) and then we came back to the house to enjoy a Christmas movie at home with hot chocolate and putting up the Christmas tree before going to bed! (had some young living “Christmas Spirit” essential oils going in the diffuser) Some of the things we did on our family day:


If you would like to learn more about the essential oils visit: Blyss’ Young Living

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