My Uses for my Everyday Oils

Your-Premium-Starter-Kit - EditedAs for my story on how I got started using these little powerhouses, my mom has used these oils for years and have left several behind for me to use and try and I wasn’t having it! I thought she was crazy talking about how oils can help with sleep and if I rub a dab of this on my kids they would calm down. I thought she was losing it! I have now been using the oils for about 3 months and what really got me into them was that I ran into a post about using the essential oil Purification helping stinky feet. I was like I think my mom left some in my cabinet let me see and sure enough she had and so i dropped a drop in my shoes and let it sit for a few minutes and the stink was gone. I was still skeptical but after it lasted a few days of me wearing the shoes, i started thinking what else have been missing out on? If this little thing could take the smell away from my life-long issue with stinky feet then what else could these little oils do right? I then went to lemon and started putting 2 drops in my water everyday and started noticing a difference in my body right away. I was hooked, i ordered the kit, started diffusing the oils and the very first night I put lavender and peace and calming in and it was amazingly fragrant!

So what exactly ARE essential oils? They’re the liquids distilled from plants. Think of them as plant concentrates 

Did you know that one drop of Peppermint Vitality is equal to 26 cups of peppermint tea? WHEW!  I love that because we don’t have to use much to see the benefits!

When a plant is harmed it produces more essential oils to heal itself. So essential oils help the plant stay healthy, and they can do the same for us. Use them for aromatherapy, home cleaning, personal care, and support for every system of your body.

I have a carry case that I take my oils with me wherever I go!

So the top 10 oils are listed below and they come in the starter kit that I have!

Lavender smells great and has many uses, I use it as my perfume most of the time!

Purification ❤ you already know my love for that one! All things stinky!

R.C. is in my shower right now because I need some extra support as we go through the winter!

Frankincense is now mixed with lavender and coconut oil for my nightly moisturizer serum

Panaway has been amazing and is a daily part of my workout routine, just rub into any areas you need extra support!

Stress Away is already in my basket for next month because I don’t want to be caught without it! I have my rollerball on that one and put it on daily!

Now for the vitality line which are approved to be consumed:

Lemon Vitality: Yummy in water and helps support your digestive system!

Peppermint Vitality: I am putting it in my coffee, brownies, and even in the kids hot cocoa!

Copaiba Vitality: So for this one, I mix it in my green tea and it adds a little spiciness to it and helps support overall wellness.

Thieves Vitality: I have putting a drop under my tongue in the morning to help support my immune system for the winter months every morning, warning its pretty hot and almost reminds me of a cinnamon disk , so if you like those you will love this and if you dont you can add a drop of honey to help or just add it in a capsule!

DiGize Vitality: So this is exactly what it sounds like: it supports the digestive system and you can use it anytime you eat to help support with wellness!

If you would like some more info you can read the Wellness Chart down below:

Ready for the kit to get you and your family on a better path to wellness? Go ahead and click this: Blyss’ Young Living to join my team and get all the support you need from me!

I do receive compensation when you order the kits through my links. You will also get my training and my team to help support you on your oily journey as well as some free goodies for joining (up to $25 in value)

10 thoughts on “My Uses for my Everyday Oils

  1. Wow, another great post! I’ve got a wide variet of free organic essential oils from working at a co-op and only use a few drops in the diffuser at night (usually ravinsara, tea tree oil, Francincense), so have been looking at ways to make use of the unopened bottles before they lose potency, I’ll be referencing this page for these many awesome uses (particularly the shoe drop tip, as basketball encourages shoe foot funk after a while!

    In fact, for fun, next time at basetball I may have to make use of old fanny pack I got for a gag gift a few years ago, and put some essential oils in it, and walk around administering it to fellow players shoes : )


    1. That is so hilarious!!! I would love to see that! A couple years ago I would have called you names for doing that but after finding the oils actually work, I AM the lady who is sprinkling oils all over everybody!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha!! I hear you, I used to think the same way, but II’m definitely a believer now! I put a little Badger Sleep Balm on my temples before bedtime and it definitely makes a difference, but I’m looking even more forward to using your suggestions to do it homemade; not only do you save money, but it’s funner : )

        As for the reactin I might get at basketball, I’ll just tell them the presentation may be a joke, but the effectiveness of these oils isn’t! And once their foot funk dissipates they’ll have no choice but to agree!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have heard more about YL than any other company lately. You’re not the first sceptic to become a belief. I’m going to have to get the starter soon. It’s expensive though.


    1. Yes, its growing by leaps and bounds and its getting more awareness. The kits does seem like a big investment, I have to save a few weeks from my coffee everyday and brew my pods and then I finally got enough to leap for it. Im glad I did though because I replaced a lot of products by what I can DIY with the kit it became much more valuable to me.


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