My husband beat me to a 5K!

Wanted to share a quick post, so with all the running I do, I have never decided to do a 5K before…. and MY HUSBAND BEAT ME TO IT! I am so proud of the journey he has began and in a very short time (about 2 and a half months now) he has lost 30 pounds and is steadily going for more! I can’t wait to see the transformation! Here is a before and after and some pictures from the race! I’m joining in on the next one!…Send me some comments or pictures of your 5K’s! I would love to see them!


We were at the Vulcan and baby bear was super nervous about going up to the top with Daddy!20170827_190743

2 thoughts on “My husband beat me to a 5K!

  1. Way to go, Chris!!! Awesome progress! Don’t we ladies just hate how the pounds fall off the guys so much easier it seems! I’m rooting for you Blyss! I want someone take pics of both of you in that next 5k! You can do that!!!


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