Weekly Meal Prepping- Family Style

We have been talking about meal prepping in my challenge group and I just wanted to share a few tips and tricks of meal prepping! There is alot we do to prep for the week and I have narrowed it down a bit because at first I would spend an entire day prepping freezer meals and spending a fortune only to find that I forgot to make something in time and have to buy out or something would go back or one time my frozen onions made everything in my freezer taste like onions, even my poor babys breastmilk (YUCK!) So over the years I have a plan that works for us and here are a few tips:

  • First of all, MEAL PLAN! Get your menu ready for at least 7 meals and 7 lunches (if you are able to bring your lunch) and Go shopping!
  • Buy chicken breast in bulk and cook it all! I get my crockpot going first and cook it all on high 6-8  hours). I usually get at least 3 lbs to cook and that lasts us for about 3-4 meals (depending on how much we use for each meal) and sometimes lunches like salad with shredded chicken, salsa and rice chicken, or just adding can veggies and chicken and heating it up!
  • Get your eggs boiling and keep unpeeled in the fridge until you are ready to use them (I usually eat about 2 a day so Ill do at least a dozen a half eggs and put them in a large bowl-great thing about this is that my son has now started to ask to eat the boiled eggs and I call that a win over snacky stuff ANY DAY!
  • Get Kids lunches packed and ready (tip: get the kids involved! they like picking out what goes in their lunches and it feels like “cooking” to them and they love to do that! Also it helps with wasting all the food on boys munching on the entire box/bag/etc. We usually do a cracker/meat combo or pb &j with cookies/crackers/ yogurt/banana chips/ trail mix/gummies etc. usually pack pb &j and 2 other items or meat/cracker/cheese and 2 other items. and tiny waters!
  • This is the time we always get our salsa ready for the week (my husband eats it on EVERYTHING) you can see my recipe here

salsa canned_wmI then get my meals prepped for lunch and usually do a simple spinach leaf salad with olive oil vinaigrette I make myself (comment if you want the recipe maybe Ill post that too) and a boiled egg

Thats a few tips I have used to really help cut down the work load of supper on busy nights and the crockpot has been a lifesaver!!! There are so many great recipes out there and Ill be posting some of my own soon! Keep an eye out! If you like tips please let me know with some comments down below and share it with anyone needing some extra time back in their lives!

And don’t worry if all else fails and you just RAN OUT OF TIME! We are all trying to better ourselves and don’t beat yourself up about having to get take out or eat cereal, learn and get yourself better equipped for the obstacle next time! Every once in a while when I am running out of time or forgot to turn the crockpot on, doh! we go ahead and get fast food but I don’t feel guilty whatsoever because I know MOST of the time my kids are eating GREAT!




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