Easy Slow Cooker Pot Roast

20171102_193237(1)As I am meal planning and prepping today I wanted to give y’all a little go to recipe that I do on my meal prepping days so it’s all done and I don’t have to cook again tonight!

Pot Roast

Beef (I usually use what I find on sale usually chuck steak goes really cheap)

1 small bag of baby carrots (or 1-2 cups)

1 small bag of baby red potatoes

1 pack of McCormick Slow Cookers Pot Roast Seasoning

1 cup water

*tip* use more carrots and potatoes as filler if you are feeding more people to cut costs

Add beef on the bottom, then the carrots and potatoes mixed. Add the seasoning to the cup of water and pour on top. Let cook in the slow cooker for 4-6 hours on high (I like to just leave it cooking overnight so if you do that then cook on low about 8 hours) Check if you are cooking on high to make sure you do not run out of water.

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