Top 5 ways to use Coconut Oil

I have heard of so many uses for coconut oil and here’s my top 5 ways, but before we get started here’s what TYPE of oil I am talking about and WHY.

I use Virgin coconut oil. This is the oil that is formed when processing the meat of the coconuts. It has not been processed with any harmful chemicals or additives nor anything taken out such as the fractionated oil that stays liquid that removes the lauric acid which is one of the main benefits of coconut oil. Each has benefits you can research and sometimes I will use the fractionated if it calls for a liquid oil.

So, my top 5 things I personally use my virgin coconut oil and my love for it pretty much goes in this order as well!

1. Body care- I use the oil plus add in my favorite essential oil at the time (you can learn more about essential oils here and you can Join Young Living Essential Oils here) to use as a natural moisturizer. It is wonderful for the winter months when my skin dries out from the heat we use whether it is at home or in the cars it just makes me so dry! I will lather it on after a shower or anytime I just need that extra boost of moisture and every time I go to bed Ill put it on my feet with either Lavender or Thieves for some extra immune support especially during season changes as well!

2. Face and Hands-So my husbands hands are so dry that they actually will start cracking and bleeding until he started to use the coconut oil. They are so much better than when he only used regular lotions. I also just started adding frankincense to his hand mixture so we will see how that goes! Ill give an update 😉 I will also use it on my hands but normally just apply it and rub it in my hands. I am also using it as a carrier oil for my nightly face cleaner/toner by adding Lavender and Frankenscense and applying with a cotton ball. I let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes and then just wash it off with warm water and apply just the virgin coconut oil to my eyes as a make up remover. My mom used to use Vaseline and I would too so I remember it being so gunky and the rag had to be as hot as you could stand it and rinse it off about 10 times, but with the coconut oil it is much less harsh than all that wiping is 😉

3.Hair-So 2 ways for my hair I use coconut oil is for a daily moisturizer and I will place a very small amount to the ends of my hair for an extra boost of moisture. Use sparingly or you will end up with a very oily hairdo! As for the second way, I will treat myself once a week (usually during summer when that chlorine has really did a number on my hair) to a hair masque and just let it sit all over for about 30 minutes to an hour (you can help protect your furniture/bed/clothes with the plastic shower caps. (I get mine for a dollar at dollar tree)

4.Teeth and Gum care- Okay this one is the oddest I think but I learned about this about 2 maybe 3 years ago and have done it ever since. This is known as oil pulling and highly recommend anyone interested in bettering their gum and teeth health look it up and see all the benefits from it! It is amazing but I also have seen a brighter smile which is amazing because the white strips and toothpastes hurt my teeth so much I just can’t use them. And this girl loves some coffee and wine ❤

5.Cooking and Drinking- I love my bulletproof coffee that uses the coconut oil or mct oil to make and you can read all about that in an earlier post! I also love making any seafood with it but be careful because it will have that coconut taste and I made the mistake ( well to me it was) of making eggs and salsa with it and the flavors didn’t blend well AT ALL. So anything that is like a coconut lime shrimp or coconut curry is DELISH!

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