But the seed on good soil stands for those with a heart (1)So my word I chose for 2018 is Freedom. There are so many things in America we don’t have to worry about which I am so thankful for! But those are not necessarily why I chose my word as freedom.

My word is chosen for a few other things.

#1 Time freedom. My number one freedom I choose in 2018 is time freedom. I will not make excuses that I do not have time to go after my dreams and live the life I want. I want to make my own choices with my time and if you are not doing that and scheduling your time, you are letting it slip by with nothing being accomplished. No relationships grown, no dreams accomplished, no freedom acquired. I want to have time to spend with my family. I want to choose when we can go on an impromptu vacation, home-school my children, AND work my business in between. NOT the other way around. It may not happen in 2018 but I also want to retire my husband so he can live his dreams with us. (before this year these thoughts weren’t even a possibility and now I have that option to grow unlimited income which I’ll talk more about later on.) Time freedom is what everyone does not want you to know you CAN have because that means less people who are willing to work the 40-60 hour weeks, for 40+ years, and maybe get to retire. I want to have that freedom now! And with the internet and so many ways to connect and grow. It is completely possible! I want to have the freedom to go help in shelters, build a non profit organization to help out in, show my children that we can build others up and have that feeling instilled in everything they do. Everyone have the same 24 hours in a day and how you choose to magnify those times is how you can leverage the windows to earn more and get your time freedom too!

#2 Debt Freedom

So I have always been a believer in not having any debt, but recently we have gotten into some, not a lot, but its significant to us. Every single time I have ever gone into debt it feels like I can’t breathe. It is a constant feeling that weighs on me all throughout the day,when I check the account, when the kids ask if we can go do something, and all I think about is its adding to the pile. To some people it is the norm but to me it feels like I’m drowning and it’s all I can think about. Maybe its because several people around me had to file bankruptcy, or maybe its because I am a control freak who cannot stand not being in control of everything including money. (which I am working on to let God have the control back because I never had it anyway, I just was struggling to think I did) Debt and finances has caused many fights in our marriage and takes a tole on your life and mental state. So for 2018, I want debt freedom! I want the car, credit card, paid off. Then I want to go even further and save for a home, I don’t know the plan after that, if we  will build or buy or what the plan will be but that’s my debt freedom goals! Just think of what you could do in the world with no stress of money, cards, debts, how happy you could be and would inspire others to stop this cycle!

#3 Income Freedom

I have been a Store Manager for several years and the way it seems to see a significant increase (raise) is to find another opportunity to elevate your income. I have had about 3 raises in the last 5 years. This might sound like alot to some and for those on an hourly or in a company that does give raises each year it might sound like too few but our company is on a raise freeze and so was the one before this and the one before so the only way I could elevate my income is to move companies, which I don’t like doing because I have put my time and effort into a team, my family, and I have to leave them to grow. That doesn’t necessarily seem right to me. So over the last few months with the journey of my blog and other opportunities, my income HAS NO CEILING. It works as hard as I do and I can grow it by growing and blessing my family! How amazing is that??!?! It is something I could not imagine before because I was not allowing myself to grow and think in new ways and allow these opportunities into my life because I WANTED what I WANTED and that was that. I had my life planned out or so I thought. I digress. Income Freedom. Can you imagine what you could do when #1 you have no debt and #2 you are still earning at an unimaginable incline? BLESSINGS, TONS AND TONS OF BLESSINGS!!! That’s what you could do! Your family, missions, your church, your community, your schools, your tribe. You can open your heart to give blessings and in return you get an amazing feeling of changing someone’s life, to opening their eyes to what is possible. For me, my life was changed after accepting what was placed in my life and embracing it with all I had and now to see that blessing my friends lives too is absolutely priceless and I want more of that feeling. I am kind of addicted now to giving (but I want to do more and I want to do it on my own terms not when I “have the money” when it “doesn’t hurt” to give. But guess what, we have to start somewhere and start something because the other day I heard something that has stuck with me and that is when you aren’t a good steward of your money you are receiving now and giving what you need to now, how are you going to do that when you have to add more 000000’s? Yep, #truthbomb That hit home to me!

Freedom that is what I am choosing what’s yours?


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