Why I emptied our entire bathroom into the garbage can

I’m shouting from my mountain top OKAY??!!??!!  So on my journey of finding the right things that will benefit our family, finding essential oils and finding a chemical free lifestyle, has led me to look into every single thing we are doing. It has led me to read more labels at the grocery store, (believe in true organic foods and not just some scheme for people to make more money …old mindset ways..sigh..) And now it has led me to look at our health products, toothpaste, body wash, deodorant, literally anything we have been using in our bathroom. Let’s just say, I have placed a huge order from Young Living and Ill do a haul on my blyssyourheart facebook!

I cannot believe that for so many years I was not interested in learning about these things nor did I think the chemical free products were actually any safer and could help our lives improve so much! I was in the mindset that companies were just tricking people into getting “organic” and “all natural” and “chemical free” products because they were more expensive and they could slap a label on it and make more money. I will say that in doing the little research I have it is kind of both. There are true organic, chemical free products and there are people who put “natural” on their products but the FDA has not put any guidelines on what constitutes natural products. So please read your labels and better yet, download free Think Dirty app! like right now….I’ll wait…. You got it? Okay let’s continue… Here is some snapshots of things I had in my bathroom to scan: Interesting reads in here and even more in the app!













My experience with Think Dirty has been eye opening to say the least, I actually starting bawling my eyes out because I thought I was taking care of my family better than most. Do you see those words? REPRODUCTIVE TOXICITY, ALUMINUM, OVARIAN CANCER, BREAST CANCER? There’s more but just to name a few. The reality of the matter is that even though I am trying to make conscious decisions to improve the overall quality of life of my family, I am still learning and growing! And that is okay. It is never going to be perfect and we cannot live in a bubble but small changes make the most difference over time!

So how do you start? Before you put something on or in your body, or use that bottle of cleaner on your counter and then cut an apple on top and eat it, or lather your body with those bath wash or soaps, think about it. That’s it. I will say the first step is to just think about it. You don’t have to go crazy and throw everything away and go out and buy everything different (whoa major budget crisis) but you do have to start somewhere. Read a label and google an ingredient. See what effects of that ingredient has. You can also simply scan your products, some of mine were not in the app but a lot of them were and guess what. Most of them were a 10 on the toxicity scale of being most toxic. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Nope, i didnt throw everything away but guess what. I went on that night to Young Living and ordered me new soaps, toothpaste, cleaners, hand soaps, and I took it from my grocery budget for the month since I already had to buy those things and replaced them (they are still on their way)

Knowledge is power, and I think that was my kryptonite of NOT STARTING to look at these things. I was overwhelmed and if I knew about these things and didnt change it then I was being lazy. Some of my excuses were “It was going to cost more and we couldn’t afford it!”  “How bad could it be in reality?” “That’s alot of work to research those ingredients” “I just dont have time to learn about natural living” “I am doing ok at my job as a wife and mom and don’t need people telling me how to live!” Hmmph! Yes, I had them all. I had really bad feelings towards people who were trying to tell me differently. But guess what? I am so glad they didnt give up on me. When the timing was right, I dove in head first. I am stubborn and it took me a while (about 2 years to be exact) Constant posts and messages about being healthier and products, and their health improvements for me to really realize it’s time. I got to a point that my health was not good and I was seeing a doctor for migraines and different ailments and then being put on another medication for the symptoms of that medication, and all the while, no one asked me simple questions, like what’s in your diet, what are you using, could you be allergic to the things you are using on a daily basis. They diagnosed me with Migraines and Cluster headaches, and Anxiety, I have also been diagnosed with ADHD and  Bipolar at one point in my life and was treated for the symptoms of those. Then had to treat for the symptoms those medications gave. What is this nonsense??!?!?!

So, I am screaming from my mountain top and this is it! Knowledge is power, and when you Know Better you can Do Better!!!

So this is encouragement to give you a swift kick in the butt to go look into it!

I am having so much fun discovering new and different ways to use these  chemical free products, I have been meeting so many great people and reconnecting with some that think the exact same way as I do, and all the while I get to grow this into a full time income! I would say win win..win!

If you are interested in learning more about the chemical free life and products I use got to my post on Joining Young Living!


I do receive compensation when you order the kits through my links. You will also get my training and my team to help support you on your oily journey as well as some free goodies for joining (up to $25 in value)

14 thoughts on “Why I emptied our entire bathroom into the garbage can

  1. I can so relate to your new finding ways of living healthy. I never wanted to buy organic food or live healthy because I didn’t think it mattered, till I joined our Aloe company! i got a good sight of how unhealthy we were living


  2. I can totally relate to your post. I never lived healthy till I joined Forever living, now drinking pure aloe has made me look at life diffrently


    1. Yes! I love aloe water! Just starting with baby steps let’s you kind of start looking into it and nowadays with social media, once you search something the more it gives the information to you and so on. Then its like you see healthy living ideas all the time!


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