5 Tips for Time Management

Because of the interest in this post I have decided to put up my own Mom-trepreneur Planner! Those who would like the first sneak peak when I launch the planner go right here!

I am feeling accomplished today! Got tons of stuff off my To Do List, got lots of work done on my blog, and in my Facebook event I am running and excited to start the day fresh tomorrow. I feel like I am really good at getting things D.O.N.E. and I do this by being very intentional with my time. Here’s how I help myself out:

1. Planners- my planners have planners of my plan to plan out my planners. You get the idea, and you could say the same of the lists in those planners. But guess what? I have a “home” stuff to do planner and a “work” stuff to do planner that is a MUST. When I am at home, I have my home planner OPEN. When I am at work I have my work planner OPEN. Always and no exceptions but it took me a while to get in the habit of this. I always do the hard stuff first on either planner. The crappy stuff that I don’t like to do! I love marking through things on my list , I’ve tried digital and the act of literally scratching through something is more satisfying to me and it doesn’t get lost in my phone within apps, messages, calls, Google, Youtube. FACEBOOK. Who clicks on calendar first? I think some people don’t even know about the calendar or maybe they would be on time for things haha sorry guys had to say it!
2. “Multi-tasking“- It just means you are doing a bunch of things halfway and not getting anything accomplished. Have you tried to do the dishes, do the laundry, have a conversation, create a blog post and cook supper at the same time? I have and I usually end up burning something, forgetting to start the washer, have a half-full sink of dishes when I sit down in front of the computer with a few sentences chopped together and end up forgetting parts of my conversations. But try the same tasks and INTENSELY FOCUS on ONE task and you will be more effective. Try narrowing down the methods of HOW to do that one task, how to more efficient at this one task. I have played games to finish a task before the timer goes off. Time myself at a certain activity and try to beat my time. I have also, since I was being INTENSELY FOCUSED, created faster methods of doings things I need to get done. This applies to kids to and until recently I didnt really put them in the category of “multi-tasking” but they need undivided attention too. I have learned a new method of working through social media and guess what? That doesn’t turn off ever! It’s not like you can leave your place of work and be done for the day, no more customers, no more questions, so it has affected my relationships with my family. So when I am home and scheduled for home time, usually between getting the kids from school and getting home to cook dinner and the kids bedtime is scheduled family time. Uninterrupted by turning my phone onto airplane mode and not getting any messages or calls for their time. It’s not fair to them to let things pull you away when daily tasks are getting your undivided attention.
3. Stop saying you are “busy”– Now this is going to hit some people the wrong way, and I TOTALLY get it. Not only 4 months ago I would have argued this point until I was blue in the face. BUT you say, I AM BUSY, I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO DO IN A DAY. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE! I’M SO EXHAUSTED BECAUSE I WAS SO BUSY TODAY! Yes, I have said the same things over and over and over again. But let’s get real ladies for a minute. Every single person on earth has the SAME 24 hours to work with. If you work, if you stay home, kids, pets, family, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. There’s time wasters somewhere. You just have to create time spaces to GET. IT. DONE. What do I mean by this if you are already busy? How do you create those time spaces? Start by jotting every single thing down for 1 week. Do not change a single thing use this week as your test week. It will surprise you I promise. Guess what a few things I remember being on my busy week….Eating while watching 3 episodes of New Girl….yeh….so….I was super busy right? and how about my 10 hours of sleep I would get on my off days? OH yea and the days I was off that I would binge watch my favorite shows (that I had already seen by the way) and quickly clean up for about an hour before the hubby got home because he would complain that I hadnt done anything all day because I was off and then I’d snap his head off and tell him HOW BUSY I was all day!!! He just “didnt understand”! Yea ladies I completely get it but thats all about your mindset, getting super REAL with yourself, and changing your actions from there!
4. Personal Development– I know what you are thinking and how this is going to help with time management but keep on reading….So when I started this whole adventure my “why” (which is my next point) was because I looked at myself in the mirror and was disgusted. At my weight, my body, and within my actions in my life too. That’s the reason I started looking into all this in the first place. I found a great group of ladies who introduced me into “personal development”. Now at the time I was saying to myself yea right, whatever, sure Ill do personal development but only on the days I am not “too busy” sound familiar? So the first day came and went with no personal development, then second and then the third, I was too busy I said, how could I do all this? Then they did a post on how to fit it in while you were driving in the car and how they listened to podcasts on the way to work. Now I only have about a 15 minute commute so I don’t have much time but I figured I could do that if it was only in the car. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT PODCASTS WERE! I had to be told what app to play them on (which the one I use is PlayerFM for free) So they recommended some great ones and one I tried AND recommend is Earn Your Happy by Lori Harder. So I just pressed play. That’s it. And for over 4 months now that has changed the way I fit in any education or development and I have even listened to an entire book on audio just within the 15 minutes driving. So let’s do the math 5 days a week driving both ways at 15 minutes each so 30 minutes per day (without counting the few minutes I get to work early some days and just sit in the car and finish listening to a segment) times the 4 months I have been doing this would be about 40 hours. 40 HOURS WORKING ON ME MYSELF AND I. That beats the time it takes to drive to therapy and it was free! This action alone helped me reframe my thoughts about where to carve my time out of. How could I reuse some more of my “dead” time. Time you can’t use because it is blocked out for something else.  This is how I made my time movements to create my time management!
5. Defining your “WHY”– So when I started this whole adventure I didn’t write my “why” down. Why? Because I didn’t even know what that was. I just knew I needed help with my anger and my weight because I was disgusted with myself and I knew if I didn’t stop it at that point I was going to lose everything I had because no one wanted to be around me at that point. (Those who knew anyway) Your why can change. Your why can be many things. I recommend writing it down in somewhere that you see daily. When you wake up preferrably and not somewhere you must go to in order to see it. So don’t hide it in a room you only go in once a week get it front and center. I have a cheap mirror in my bedroom that is a floor length mirror that I have wrote many whys on. I look at it every morning while I am getting dressed, some morning before I get out of bed and then I see my why and I get the hell out of bed! Because when you see FREEDOM, TIME WITH YOUR CHILDREN, HELPING 1000’s of PEOPLE REACH THEIR GOALS on your mirror, YOU GET THE HELL OUT OF BED and YOU GET TO WORK! You will need it because there will be the days you don’t feel like doing anything, you will want to go back to what is comfortable, you will get sick, you will be tired and you will need your motivation and that is when you will read your why’s. When you are wasting time by watching your movie or scrolling Facebook and look up and see your why’s, you will get back on track. You can remember your whys when you leave your house and if something you are doing that day isn’t supporting your whys you can quickly adjust instead of wasting the whole day.

7 thoughts on “5 Tips for Time Management

  1. I always need help with time management! I especially love your first point. It’s so simple but I am not in the habit of checking my planner. I spend lots of time writing in my planner but then I don’t go back and checknwhat I wrote. I’m going to start keeping it open! Thanks girl!


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