McWane Science Center Birmingham, AL

A few years ago, when my oldest was about 1 years old I worked at a daycare. I was the school-age kids after school teacher. Parts of the job were awful like the noise, and having to extend all your patience to come home to your own screaming toddler (who was at the daycare as well so that didn’t help) but parts of it like the field trips were AMAZING because it opened my eyes to so much family activity in Alabama that I didnt realize were here! This introduced me to the McWane Science Center in Birmingham, AL and we are now members because we love it so much and YOU WILL TOO!!

If you are looking for fun things to do in Birmingham Alabama and learning resources you must see the McWane Center!!

The McWane Science Center has 4 FLOORS of FUN!
(This is not in order by floors or anything just highlighting what my boys love going to the best!)

They have special areas for younger children including the brand new Itty Bitty Magic City where toddlers and babies can play. Both of mine can go in since Samuel is still in Kindergarten but after this summer he won’t be allowed. It has all kinds of imaginative play like a grocery store, veterinarian clinic, firetrucks and so much more! This is also where the water area is. The water area is pretty cool in itself just make sure you bring a shirt for your little ones!

They also have a really cool “touch tank”. “The Shark & Ray Touch Tank features Bamboo Sharks, Bonnethead Sharks, Cownose Rays and Southern Raysin”-McWane Center It an underwater sea level that even conducts presentations on smaller animals that you get to touch that are not in the “touch tank” like we just got to touch the “horseshoe crab and learned that their feet on the bottom look like spider legs! YUCK!! …but my boys loved it!

There is a dinosaurs on one level and a really neat office space that holds fossils, little containers of the life cycles of animals (like a frog, roach, and grasshopper) which is really awesome to see. I loved this little area but I have to coax the kids to stick around.

Why do we get the membership? First, I thought we had seen it once, so why would we go again? I was so wrong. We first got the membership because it was only slightly more than 1 visit for us and it is for an entire year! I thought on those really hot summer days or when it got super cold outside and we didn’t have anything to do, we could just go there instead. I am so excited I was thinking that way because they change ALOT! They have special times during the year where they add attractions and different events that go on there too! Plus you get discounts on birthday parties, free parking, and discounts on the food and IMAX tickets, so that’s a win-win-win-win! This has literally become one of our monthly family leisure go-to’s! Because now that we have the membership, it is the cheapest thing we get to do because it’s free!!

**Calling all Train LOVERS**

At Christmas they have a train exhibit which is worth a special visit. They have i-spy’s on the exhibits of the miniature train scenes which are so beautiful and extravagant that is must have been the life’s work of these contributors. And with the membership you get free train rides which my little guy can ride the entire time we were there if we let him!

The McWane Center is a must for any family adventurer that visits or lives in Birmingham, Alabama! It’s so much family fun packed inside a building! Myself and my husband always has a blast when we go.

Every exhibit they have is a chance to learn something new while you are having so much fun and I think my boys and EVEN ME learn best that way right?!?! The last time we went, Tyler was even called up to be a volunteer with a “combustion” experiment where they heated balloons with different gases in them and made them explode!

We love our McWane Center and we hope you do too! If you go here you can plan your visit.

We recommend:

  1. Wearing your comfortable shoes
  2. Bringing a stroller if you need it for a toddler it is a good bit of walking(they have stroller parking in the Itty Bitty City)
  3. Wearing a backpack for your valuables  
  4. Bringing a water bottle (They only have a few water fountains and the food court is  on the first level only)
  5. Take LOTS of pictures!!!!! 
  6. Going to the site and planning your trip!! You don’t want to miss any corners of fun!


I did not receive any compensation including free admission on this post. The opinions here are 100% my own.


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