How to make BIG life decisions?

So, I unfortunately have not been able to get on here in a while. I am in the middle of some BIG life decision changes and we have been busy running around figuring out what we are going to do.

I have the choice to stay home with my children this summer, which I am so entirely grateful for! We are moving, prompting me to leave my job which is going to allow this break along with the income from the blog and my essential oil business.

We are also contemplating having another baby. AND we have until the end of May (school’s out) to decide where we will live, and in fact me being off the summer continuing to grow the blog and business is the wisest choice for us.

Yes. I know! BIG life changing decisions! So while we are going through a little bit of a quarter life crisis, I am really trying to figure out what I want in my life, moving around things that I want changed and completely removing those things I don’t want.

How do you decide on your life’s biggest decisions?

We have the main plan but so many things are left undecided. I have a few things I am doing and need all the help I can get to decide the rest. Here’s how we have came to the conclusions to move back home, let me stay home for (at least) the summer, AND try to have another little one!

Praying HARD – constantly, in my mind, out loud, and I have even cried and screamed out loud because I had NO IDEA where the Lord is leading me and wondering if I am making the right choices

(trying my best to…) LET GO!- I know there is a plan and He has had my entire life planned out and it has never been me to decide anything. So I am in my best control-self ways LETTING GO!

Financially Deciding– With me quitting my job to do this, some things are going to have to be let go so we are able to have a better future in the end.

Communication– Lots and lots of talking to my husband out loud about plans and decisions. We have been talking about our fears, worries, AND our excitement about our new future! I have also been getting a lot of advice from friends and family, but you can guess what a mix bag that is.

Pro and Con lists– So I am a list type of a person as you might see. So before any big decisions I write out a pro and con list for each decision and make a logical and informed decision from there.

I have included my free How to Make Big Life Decisions Pro-Con List Printable for you to use for any of your big upcoming decisions too!!!

So help a girl out and give me any tips you have on how you make YOUR BIG LIFE decisions!!!

If any of this helps you make your big decisions, I would absolutely LOVE to hear about it!!!!


One thought on “How to make BIG life decisions?

  1. You should just trust god to do make everything right for you. He works according to his own timetable, not ours. So, just have patience. He will guide you to what’s best for you. Till then, follow your heart 😊

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