Growth Mindset is Everything

“Growth Mindset is EVERYTHING!

What is growth mindset? Before we get to Growth mindset we first have to answer what mindset means.

By definition Mindset is attitude, disposition, or mood. intention or inclination.
So when you think about Growth Mindset, it is the attitude, disposition, or mood focused towards GROWTH. Growing ourselves, wealth, happiness, whatever you choose to focus on can be yours. Now our minds are powerful tools. They can do AMAZING and POWERFUL things or we can simply let them go to waste. It is our choice and our mindset becomes an enormous part of our journey.

I started my journey a little over a year ago on changing who I had become. My mentality with the world was revolved around anger, for no apparent reason and I was unhappy with most of my decisions I had made in life. From then a little personal development journey sprouted and I HAD to make a change I WAS MISERABLE!


This month my challenge I have accepted in my personal development is the Strangest Secret challenge which I TOTALLY recommend! I can totally get you the link if you want to take a listen for yourself!


Today I took away I think the most important lesson, (even though there are so many greats in that little audio) WE ARE WHAT WE THINK.


What does this mean really? Yes, you have heard “We are what we eat” before but I had never heard “We are what we think” before. I hadn’t really thought about this concept until this challenge. So I have been mindfully taking control of what I am thinking. I am honestly ashamed of how much I do waste time in my thoughts or maybe thinking negatively. Maybe some of you recognize some of those that I will share with you today.

“Why am I even bothering to do this no one else will care if I do or not.”

“I am putting in so much effort on this and nothing will ever happen with it.”

“I am wasting my time talking about this there so many other things I could be doing.”

Or how about even thinking negatively about others?


I am on a mission to take back my thoughts.

I declare that I will succeed because I am THINKING about it.


I love the way the Strangest Secret describes our mind. He simply puts it as a fertile piece of land and it will produce whatever you plant. So are you planting positive or negative seeds? Every little thought produces abundance. Are you going to get negativity in abundance or positivity today?


I challenge you to take back your mind and let nothing interfere with your success today. There is nothing in our way except ourselves.

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