DIY Soothing Spot Roll-On

It is Summer again and while it is my FAVORITE season of all, I forget about those pesky little annoyances that the season brings with it!

We have many holidays and gathering coming up so I wanted to share with you what I recently made to help us in time of need when we forget to grab our bug spray on the way out!

I have been handing these out like candy lately and they are super simple. I know us busy moms are on the go and we are lucky to remember the kids shoes at times but I always have this one rolling around in the bottom of my purse for anytime annoyances strike!

This is a super easy recipe and doesn’t take much at all to make.

If you aren’t already using Young Living oils go right here to see why I chose them over all the rest and why I would never use anything else and if you are ready to get your first healthy lifestyle starter box of essential oils go right here to sign up and let me get you plugged into our group with tons of support and guidance to make your transition easy!

Forgot your Outdoor Spray and now you’re paying for it? Use this Soothe the Spot roll-on and your smile will come right back


DIY Soothing Spot Roll-On

5 drops Lavender

2 drops Lemon

5 drops *Purification

3 drops *Peppermint

*Leave the Purification and Peppermint out of it when using on children 2 and under.

Combine all the oils in a 10 ml roller bottle like these here and fill the rest with Young Living’s V6 oil or your favorite carrier oil like almond oil or if you don’t know which carrier oil you like you can try a sampler like this

Apply this soothing stick to any areas you need and you can apply them as often as you need, just be careful when using citrus oils since it can make your skin more sensitive in direct sun.

Pro Tip- Use label sheets to quickly write down what the roller is and wrap it around the bottle to make using and finding the right oil blend easier.

With any purchases made here I will get a small compensation so please order through my links. My opinions are 100% my own and I only post on things I use myself.





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