What is a Target Audience

What is Your TargetSo, you have decided to start a business and maybe you have thrown a few things out there but you are not succeeding. A crucial step in building your business is to find your “Target Audience” and not many people know how to find a target audience or what that even is. So by the time you get done reading this you will be able to know What a Target Audience is, Why it is Important, and How to Develop Your Target Audience.

What is a Target Audience?

A Target Audience is the group of people that will most likely buy your products or use your services. Target Audiences are vastly different for different people and services.

Why is a Target Audience Important?

If you are offering a business or service for example, a Target Audience will be the crucial step in success. It is important to know who you are talking to so you can create the ads, posts or pictures to attract them. If you create “content” like those for everyone, you might still succeed in a few people getting interested but for the most part it will take a long time if at all to attract people to actually buy your products or use your services.

How to Develop Your Target Audience?

This is a complex step in the process of your business and requires research for developing a really great Target Audience. Here are a few first questions to ask in developing your Target Audience:

Thinking about YOUR product and service write down the answers and be as specific as possible to help narrow down YOUR Target Audience:

What age is your ideal client?

Where are they located?

What is their gender?

What is some of their personality traits?

What is their family lifestyle like?

What kind of job they have? or Do they even have a job?

What is their income like?

What are the needs of this person?

What are some of their pain points?

What are their challenges?

When you have answered these questions look back and make sure it is as SPECIFIC as possible.

A really great tool you can use is to create an “Avatar”. You can draw an outline of a person and inside the outline write very specific words describing the ideal tribe (or your “Target Audience”). Each time you sit down to create content, look at the Avatar and make sure your words and photos are speaking and attracting to the Target Audience.

Pro Tip* You can then start to research that Target Audience and adjust your words, phrases, and photos into what you are seeing your Target Audience use and like as well.


6 thoughts on “What is a Target Audience

  1. These are great questions to ask when trying to pick a target audience. As a new blogger this is something that I struggled with. Great post!


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