SEO for Beginners: Step-by-Step Beginners’ Guide


SEO for Beginners: Step-by-Step

Beginners Guide

I am a newby when it comes to blogging and Search Engine Optimization. I have been digging into SEO for beginners a lot recently and have heard SEO basically makes or breaks your site. I have tried a few things here and there to optimize my blog but few methods have actually succeeded in driving search engines to my site. Before reading this book it was mostly the traffic that is being sent from my social media accounts.

Sometimes when you are a new blogger, it feel like you are running up a mountain but then if you stop to take a breath, you slide all the way back down and have to start over. This is exactly how I felt on my vacation. No posts, no pins, no advertising, no traffic. It was a dismal week and I literally felt like giving up. So in comes SEO for Beginners!

Then I ran across this Amazon Audible book: SEO for Beginners: Step-by-Step Beginners’ Guide to Dominate the First Page Using Google Analytics, Adwords Etc. by John Slavio narrated by Nejc Kozmos.

This is the best book for beginners because John begins but explaining in an easy to understand way on what exactly “SEO” is, why you need to focus on it, and how to get better to dominate the front page of google search. There is so much going into SEO that I didn’t even realize! Like how if you don’t have certain pages on your blog, it doesn’t even register for SEO!!

What’s included in the book:

What is SEO?
On-page SEO techniques
Off-page SEO techniques
Content marketing
Social media marketing
Four different keyword research tools with our personal recommendations
How to set up your first ad on Google Adwords

Seo for Beginners Notebook

I will tell you to have a notebook and pen handy because I have about 5 pages of notes and LONG to do list!! But if you are ready to get to work and actually create the blog of your dreams, make money, and increase your traffic you will need this book to start to understand SEO and start putting these into action immediately!

Seo for Beginners LaptopI am so glad I ran across this book. My stats are starting to climb with just a few steps I have completed with the book. Like I said before, I have a HUGE to-do list now! I can’t wait to get more done to drive my Search Engine Optimization even higher to get the ultimate success every blogger looks for: Traffic! So go download the book and get to work on your dream website!

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Seo for Beginners Guide to Dominate the front page

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12 thoughts on “SEO for Beginners: Step-by-Step Beginners’ Guide

    1. For sure it is well worth the small investment! I have learned so much and implementing each thing has gotten so many results also!!


    1. Yes it taught me so much and I still have a laundry list of to do’s to get my blog on a better SEO track!!


    1. I definitely had no idea what an undertaking blogging was but I have learned so much from doing this adventure. It has been a great opportunity!


    1. Your welcome and yes, I am so addicted to audio books for everything now! They are so easy and I can use up some wasted drive time to get some learning in!!


    1. Yes, I did too! I had to really dive in and the book made it simpler for me to learn exactly what to do to get better results!


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