How to Start Speaking More Truth for Massive Growth Now + Free Affirmation Printable

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I couldn’t breathe.

My heart beating out of my chest and head pounding. I couldn’t take another second of my racing thoughts so, feeling like a failure, I called my Mother In Law. I had to take medication for my anxiety for the first time in a long time. The medication always makes me exhausted, like head bobbing-can’t keep my eyes open, exhausted along with a fog for the next day as well. I hate it. I had to ask my mil to pick up my two boys so I could take this and rest because my world was crushing me and I couldn’t handle it anymore. My thoughts were going so dark I couldn’t even believe I was going there and was afraid of what I might do so I huddled up in my bed under the covers and put my baby to sleep in the bassinet and didnt move. Anxious, worried, overwhelmed, exhausted, and overworked.

This IS the place that the enemy wants you to be.

The enemy loves when we feel isolated, alone, scared, overwhelmed, and like we are failures. Our minds are very powerful weapons against our lives and the enemy knows exactly how to use them, but we also do VERY well in creating devastating destruction of our own accord. I use labels such as “perfectionist” or “ocd” and beat myself up when I don’t live up to my own standards. Meanwhile, friends speaking truth over my life in saying, “I make this look easy” or “You are absolutely killing the mom thing” or “Wow, I can’t believe you can juggle the kids, house, starting a business, and volunteering.” So I will speak truth to you today and give you some power tools for your massive growth.

Good News, You Are Not Alone

This is the enemy telling us we are suffering alone. He enjoys us being silent because the more we don’t talk about things, the more POWER we give them. The more power we give lies, the more petrified and PARALYZE ourselves to become what God wants us to become. We are adopted sons and daughters of the Most High. (Romans 8:15) Always speak your truth! You have community, you have a place to gather together and fellowship, you have your family of believers of Christ.

Use Your Gifts

Each of you have a gift and if we give into the lies and do not always speak your truth then the ones who need to see our gifts, those who the gifts are meant for, will never come to know them. THAT my sisters, is the most tragic news that I have been made aware of. It says in 1 Peter 4:10-11 {NIV} 10 “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 11 If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.” 

Show Up and Speak Truth

We are only here on this earth for a blink of an eye. So how dare we squander the time we have and not show up! We need to use the time we have to make the most impact we can. Each of us had different gifts for a reason and if people are speaking over you lies, I want to tell you that is because IT IS YOUR GIFT!! They may not understand it. Always speak your truth but speaking truth is different than rudeness or delirium. If you are 500 lbs and 7 feet tall, you MAY want to rethink your horse-jockey career. But if you feel deep in your heart you have a passion for helping animals and you aren’t doing anything with that passion and gift and love, that my friend is squandering your gift. We need to encourage our friends with these loves and talents and speak life over them. Here are a few to help you acheive Massive Growth in your life today.

How to Find Your Truth

The Bible is a great place to start for anyone unsure of what their truth really is. The Spirit will always deliver God’s truth to his people. We must choose to walk in the way and not let fear overcome us and dull our gifts and truths. There are many amazing bible studies out there to help you get started or even meeting with a pastor or someone you trust is an amazing way to help let your truth be seen. Here are a few truths to help you start easing into saying things INTENTIONALLY. Speak these over your life and use the Affirmations of Speaking Truth printable to speak life into yourself daily.

Truth #1 : Do Not Let Anyone Dim Your Light. (Not even yourself)

So whenever you are thinking that it’s not worth it. You want to stay in the bed and it’s hard going through life without getting anxious. GET UP! Get a shower and go to your happy place. Silence the voice that is in your head. Know the truth that God goes before you and had already won the battle. He has given you so many talents and your one talent might mean the world to someone.

Truth #2 : Help Others By Spreading Your Testimony (Not by Complaining)

Whatever you have gone through in your life is powerful! Whatever season you are in is the exact moment of life you need to be in to grow and have the testimony to be capable to connect with the person who is needing it the most. If you have fought your way out of the struggles and you are having a better day, then go out there and speak truth to someone else! You don’t have to have it all together and be successful in your eyes. You may have gone through something HUGE and traumatic or you could be thinking it doesn’t matter if anyone knows about it. But you might just be in the exact place someone else is wishing they were but they don’t know how to get there! So stop wallowing and complaining and tell your testimony so it can give encouragement to other women to bring more gifts to the world. God uses our trials to MOVE MOUNTAINS!

Truth #3 Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus

When you tell the lies and start believing them, your body reacts. It could be your anxiety and panic sets in while you are walking through the store so you aren’t smiling and you are just trying to feel less like you are falling. These lies have a ripple effect on your mood and your facial expressions and destroys your ability to connect with the people around you. So be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever you go. You might be the only happy face around them for the day. Your love could have a wave of influence and it could be the key to a breakthrough for their lives. If you are showing up with love, you cannot have the lies with you also.

Truth #4 It’s OK To Not Be Okay But Don’t Wallow In It.

It’s okay to take your moments of worries, stress, and not showing up. But then you have to turn yourself around. Realize that you are more than just the bad situations of your life. You have to get up, say a little prayer, and realizing that changing your mindset to change your world. Give love and check on your friends. If you are not okay at times chances are they need someone too!  Life is all about hills and valleys with ebbing and flowing a little good and a little bad but you can’t stay in the valleys or you might miss the epic views along the way.

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5 thoughts on “How to Start Speaking More Truth for Massive Growth Now + Free Affirmation Printable

  1. This post is packed full with awesome reminders and truths! I have a speaking engagement tonight and this was perfect timing 🙂


  2. I actually could realize the importance of truth in my life since I have taken a path of spirituality. Being true to yourself and always be on truthful path is the ultimate way to true success.


  3. I love the scripture you quoted out of Peter. It is so important that we use what God has given to us to build each other up, and share what our beliefs are. We can make such a difference in the lives of others if we just speak the truth.


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