Adventure of the Harwell’s Homeschool and Homestead [Phase One]

Why I Don't Use Laundry Soap (1)

I’m back.

I’m back to writing and have lots to let you know about! Stay tuned for a Free Printable Daily Schedule for Homeschool. I’m lathering up my “Brain Power”. Legit, there’s an oil for that because it’s been a while… This is the Adventure of the Harwell’s Homeschool and Homestead [Phase One]. I couldn’t even get a moment over the last few weeks to get on my computer (a little because I couldn’t even find it but I’ll tell you a bit more about that coming up) As you can see we are up to a few new things so here it goes.

Homestead [Phase One]

We made an amazing decision to start homesteading as much as possible. If you are unfamiliar with the term it basically means to live off the land you own as much as possible. You can dive as deep as you want and some groups I am in now on Facebook go really far with it and maybe one day I’ll get some solar panels too but for now, we basically just mean our groceries. We are looking for land as we speak so we can house ducks, chickens, goats, maybe a cow or two, and a full garden. In our garden I would love to have onions, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, potatoes and any other produce we eat on the regular. I would love to get some more ideas on what you would have down below in the comments!

Why is it Phase One?

I am calling it Phase One because there are many steps involved in this decision and the home we owned would not have allowed us room to do all of this even though we just bought it last year. We were really nervous in the thought of trying to sell it but called around and rental opportunities for it were slim to none in actually making a profit so we decided if it didn’t sell we would look into those options. I spent an entire two weeks prepping the house which meant repairs, painting, yard work, cleaning out and storing all of our stuff to “stage” it and make it top notch. This was exhausting and with baby #3 most of it had to be done after the kids were asleep.

Selling Our Home

Luckily we didn’t get attached to this home because we put it on the market on a Thursday and by Sunday we had an offer. We got full asking price and only one thing they wanted repaired. We actually met them before closing at one of our yard sales and they were so nice! I am so glad they get to enjoy it because it was a really cute home! By the way, during all of this I prepped for three yard sales so we could get rid of the clutter and also started an ebay business. Yes, I actually am beginning to think I am a crazy person who can’t just enjoy staying home with the kids! And while we are on kids…

“Homeschooling” without a Home

“Homeschooling” without a home (of our own). We have been tossing around the idea of homeschooling for a while now and since we would probably be moving to a semi-remote area, we decided it was time to start homeschooling. This is for many reasons but a positive is that we wouldn’t have to worry about where we move and if they had “good school systems”. I have also really started to focus on having God at the center of everything I do and why wouldn’t I want that for my kids as well. We decided to start this year so I was choosing curriculum during this time and if you would like to know what I chose I can certainly give you that info just ask. We also bargain shopped for the curriculum in a swap group so we didn’t have to pay full price for it, I highly recommend that you do that or of course my new obsession: Ebay it.

Multi-Generational Living

Have you heard that Multi-Generational living is on the rise? Well, we just added to it. It is only a short-term solution but for now we are living with parents while we search for our forever land. We will be building a metal “pole barn” type house so while we do all of that his parents generously offered their home to our loud crazy family. We have to live very neatly since a little clutter can look like a HUGE disaster in a smaller space and we only brought necessities. We have a “POD” and another small storage unit for all of our belongings. It is nice being with family and having extra hands with the kids. I am sure it will have its challenges but so far so good.

Getting on a Routine

After closing on the home we moved in and got all of our stuff settled. This is our loose routine for now and if it changes I’ll let you know if something didn’t work for us. You can download a cute color Homeschool Printable right here! I did each day even though it is the same so when we start our Co-Op we can add that in on those days.

  • Wake up/ Breakfast / Get Dressed
    • We usually are waking up later right now but our normal routine will start sharply at 7am. I want to get up an hour earlier so I can have a little time for myself, write, have my coffee and devotional and then be ready to teach the kids for the day.
  •  Bible Study
    • To start the day we will teach our bible study lesson together and the break away for their schooling.
  • School
    • The idea I have going forward is that we will have similar subjects at the same time and then that way we could do PE, snack, and lunch all together.
  • Lunch
  • Clean Up and Any Chores
    • This adds a little break in schoolwork
  • Finish Up School
  • Snack
  • Freetime until Dinner
    • This gives me a break so they can play and I can clean up, do chores, and get dinner started.
  • Dinner
  • Bath Time
  • Bedtime

I will continue to update and I am so excited for this journey and can’t wait to start our little farm and share more of our new lifestyle!

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