5 Most Powerful Secrets of Insanely Successful People

With social media on the rise


With social media on the rise and “Insta”fame, people are wanting to “Hit it Big” and become the next millionaire with a yacht right? Well you’re in luck because I will give you the 5 Most Powerful Secrets of Insanely Successful People right here. BUT it only works if you are willing to throw your insecurities out the window and put in the time and effort it takes so if you aren’t ready, move along. If you are, go ahead and read the rest of this post.

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#1 Be Coachable

Being Coachable takes HUMILITY. It takes admitting that you are not the best ever and walking around like you know it all. Meanwhile all the most successful people KNOW you aren’t so you might be fooling the seven year old with your picture of all your cash from the bank or that rented Ferrari and the title in your Instagram as “Entrepreneur” but you aren’t getting anywhere. What does being coachable mean? It means getting knowledge from those who have gone before you. Books, Youtube, Podcasts, Messaging people who you aspire to be like and GIVE THEM VALUE. Help them and put in your time. You can’t think selfishly on this one or people will see right through you.


Consume education while you are working. Don’t sit there for hours watching Youtube videos and then turn around and do nothing about it. #1 You won’t remember it all in the first place and #2 You are wasting valuable time watching and not doing. Everyone has the same twenty-four hours in a day my friend. Successful people have learned to stop WASTING it.

#2 Overnight Successes are a Myth (Unless you got your granddaddy’s money)

So a new song comes out and suddenly you think that they are an overnight success because now you see them everywhere right? Well let’s consider Ariana Grande’s career for a little sample – Boom she puts out a song and now she’s everywhere right?!?! Wrong. She started her career in 2008 (lucky for her she has an amazing gift that she or her family realized at a super young age) it then took 5 years of working, gaining experience and hustling in the background to then produce her debut album in 2013. She was only 15 when she started her career so what were you doing at fifteen? Even if you do have your granddaddy’s money and go ahead and run your start-up idea, you will most likely need to learn the concepts here or your “success” will be fleeting.

#3 Hard Work is the ONLY Way You Are Going to be Successful

I hate to be the one to break it to you but all the ads on Youtube and Facebook about a method to suddenly “make it” in the next 24 hours are B.S. It takes long hours of APPLYING what you have learned for real sustainable success. When you start something and you get super pumped for the next 3 hours, 36 hours, or 3 months and then quit because you aren’t seeing results, it is going to set you back more than you realize. I empathize with you impatient people because I too want instant gratification. We live in a world where everything is almost immediate and we think our goals of our career should be too. I also know it takes time to learn the skills necessary to go to the next level of your path and every single career goal has steps within it. Everything has perfect timing. You want to know why? It’s isn’t our timing. God has a plan and purpose for you and it is His plan not yours. So learn it now and be okay with it not being instant but still apply the lessons learned here. You can wish or pray or “think big” and not actually put in the steps or work when a door is opened to you and guess what, surprise surprise it doesn’t happen. Then you walk away being angry because it didn’t happen but God might be saying, well I gave you that video to inspire you, then I gave you the passion to go create that, then if you would have said “Yes” to doing such and such for that person for free, that was your answer. I am only trying to get you to think differently about your circumstance and situations. I can’t say that if you would do these all specifically you would win the lottery but maybe you need a different perspective.

#4 Consistency

Yea, yea, yea. Consistency is key. We have all heard it but what does that look like in reality? It is learning, applying, growing, period. You have to put in the work for hours a day: creating, documenting, consuming knowledge repeat. You must know that it can take years of making videos, taking pictures and learning how to do it better while doing this every single day and not giving up because it is “too hard” or “too long” is the key to success if there ever was one. It’s the resiliency to the long nights and hard times and if you are willing to stick with it, there’s your ticket. It’s kind of like any “diet” you have tried. The more times you stop and start the longer it takes you to get to your goal.

#5 Fail

Fail. This might might seem like a little contradictory to the last secret but stay with me on this one. Do whatever you WANT to do. Try what you want. You can always adjust, redirect, or do something different if you don’t like it but you lose when you quit. Fake it til you make it is dead so stop faking. Trying DIFFERENT things over and over and over until you learn what works for you and your business is the key. If you hate the product you are pushing or the way you are speaking to your audience or even down to the colors you use, Fail. Try so many things and just say yes to opportunities because you can always readjust. Be authentic in what you try and be willing to be open minded enough to fail and not let it hurt your ego. If you love what you do and would do it for free then you won’t get burned out even if you don’t make money at first. That’s why success stories work. They are real and follow their passions and produced VALUE to their audience and money came after.

This is my passion project. I also have essential oils I love and my new store on Etsy called Blyss Your Heart Design . If you like my voice and blog then let’s connect in either way. You can message me, collab or buy my stuff. I’ll love you either way! Go to Facebook group Blyss Your Heart to where the magic of connecting to like-minded people is happening right now!

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How to Start Speaking More Truth for Massive Growth Now + Free Affirmation Printable

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I couldn’t breathe.

My heart beating out of my chest and head pounding. I couldn’t take another second of my racing thoughts so, feeling like a failure, I called my Mother In Law. I had to take medication for my anxiety for the first time in a long time. The medication always makes me exhausted, like head bobbing-can’t keep my eyes open, exhausted along with a fog for the next day as well. I hate it. I had to ask my mil to pick up my two boys so I could take this and rest because my world was crushing me and I couldn’t handle it anymore. My thoughts were going so dark I couldn’t even believe I was going there and was afraid of what I might do so I huddled up in my bed under the covers and put my baby to sleep in the bassinet and didnt move. Anxious, worried, overwhelmed, exhausted, and overworked.

This IS the place that the enemy wants you to be.

The enemy loves when we feel isolated, alone, scared, overwhelmed, and like we are failures. Our minds are very powerful weapons against our lives and the enemy knows exactly how to use them, but we also do VERY well in creating devastating destruction of our own accord. I use labels such as “perfectionist” or “ocd” and beat myself up when I don’t live up to my own standards. Meanwhile, friends speaking truth over my life in saying, “I make this look easy” or “You are absolutely killing the mom thing” or “Wow, I can’t believe you can juggle the kids, house, starting a business, and volunteering.” So I will speak truth to you today and give you some power tools for your massive growth.

Good News, You Are Not Alone

This is the enemy telling us we are suffering alone. He enjoys us being silent because the more we don’t talk about things, the more POWER we give them. The more power we give lies, the more petrified and PARALYZE ourselves to become what God wants us to become. We are adopted sons and daughters of the Most High. (Romans 8:15) Always speak your truth! You have community, you have a place to gather together and fellowship, you have your family of believers of Christ.

Use Your Gifts

Each of you have a gift and if we give into the lies and do not always speak your truth then the ones who need to see our gifts, those who the gifts are meant for, will never come to know them. THAT my sisters, is the most tragic news that I have been made aware of. It says in 1 Peter 4:10-11 {NIV} 10 “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 11 If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.” 

Show Up and Speak Truth

We are only here on this earth for a blink of an eye. So how dare we squander the time we have and not show up! We need to use the time we have to make the most impact we can. Each of us had different gifts for a reason and if people are speaking over you lies, I want to tell you that is because IT IS YOUR GIFT!! They may not understand it. Always speak your truth but speaking truth is different than rudeness or delirium. If you are 500 lbs and 7 feet tall, you MAY want to rethink your horse-jockey career. But if you feel deep in your heart you have a passion for helping animals and you aren’t doing anything with that passion and gift and love, that my friend is squandering your gift. We need to encourage our friends with these loves and talents and speak life over them. Here are a few to help you acheive Massive Growth in your life today.

How to Find Your Truth

The Bible is a great place to start for anyone unsure of what their truth really is. The Spirit will always deliver God’s truth to his people. We must choose to walk in the way and not let fear overcome us and dull our gifts and truths. There are many amazing bible studies out there to help you get started or even meeting with a pastor or someone you trust is an amazing way to help let your truth be seen. Here are a few truths to help you start easing into saying things INTENTIONALLY. Speak these over your life and use the Affirmations of Speaking Truth printable to speak life into yourself daily.

Truth #1 : Do Not Let Anyone Dim Your Light. (Not even yourself)

So whenever you are thinking that it’s not worth it. You want to stay in the bed and it’s hard going through life without getting anxious. GET UP! Get a shower and go to your happy place. Silence the voice that is in your head. Know the truth that God goes before you and had already won the battle. He has given you so many talents and your one talent might mean the world to someone.

Truth #2 : Help Others By Spreading Your Testimony (Not by Complaining)

Whatever you have gone through in your life is powerful! Whatever season you are in is the exact moment of life you need to be in to grow and have the testimony to be capable to connect with the person who is needing it the most. If you have fought your way out of the struggles and you are having a better day, then go out there and speak truth to someone else! You don’t have to have it all together and be successful in your eyes. You may have gone through something HUGE and traumatic or you could be thinking it doesn’t matter if anyone knows about it. But you might just be in the exact place someone else is wishing they were but they don’t know how to get there! So stop wallowing and complaining and tell your testimony so it can give encouragement to other women to bring more gifts to the world. God uses our trials to MOVE MOUNTAINS!

Truth #3 Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus

When you tell the lies and start believing them, your body reacts. It could be your anxiety and panic sets in while you are walking through the store so you aren’t smiling and you are just trying to feel less like you are falling. These lies have a ripple effect on your mood and your facial expressions and destroys your ability to connect with the people around you. So be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever you go. You might be the only happy face around them for the day. Your love could have a wave of influence and it could be the key to a breakthrough for their lives. If you are showing up with love, you cannot have the lies with you also.

Truth #4 It’s OK To Not Be Okay But Don’t Wallow In It.

It’s okay to take your moments of worries, stress, and not showing up. But then you have to turn yourself around. Realize that you are more than just the bad situations of your life. You have to get up, say a little prayer, and realizing that changing your mindset to change your world. Give love and check on your friends. If you are not okay at times chances are they need someone too!  Life is all about hills and valleys with ebbing and flowing a little good and a little bad but you can’t stay in the valleys or you might miss the epic views along the way.

This is my passion project. I also have essential oils I love and my new store on Etsy called Blyss Your Heart Design . If you like my voice and blog then let’s connect in either way. You can message me, collab or buy my stuff. I’ll love you either way! Go to Facebook group Blyss Your Heart to where the magic of connecting to like-minded people is happening right now!

My opinions are 100% my own and I only post on things I use on myself and my family. If you found this valuable at all please help me spread the word by sharing this to your favorite Social Media platform.

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Secret Sister Gift Exchange Complete How-To with Free Printables and Ideas
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Secret Sister Gift Exchange Complete How-To with Free Printables

Secret Sister Gift Exchange
Complete How-To

I have recently been asked to be the Secret Sister Gift Exchange Coordinator at our church. I jumped on the opportunity because I love getting more involved with the responsibilities at church + WHO DOESN’T LOVE BRINGING JOY TO OTHERS BY GIVING GIFTS!!! But there is one catch…I haven’t ever participated in a Secret Sister Gift Exchange, like ever. That’s right! Sure, I have played Secret Santa but usually that is only once a year and only one gift per person and you swap them around easy! So I started doing research and there really isn’t step by step directions out there that I could find on the process so I decided to gather my information and put it in a simple easy to use Secret Sister Gift Exchange Complete How-To!

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Secret Sister Gift Exchange Complete How-To with Free Printables


The first step in any project you take on is to research. I have included a questionnaire to help you organize your research and plans in color and in b&w In Secret Sister you can make up your own rules and guidelines but I have included the ones we used so you can get some ideas on the most basic ones. There are several things you want to consider as you plan your SS event:

Who will be the main SS coordinator for your event?

This person will be in charge of getting the forms handed out, pairing SS’s, following up to make sure gifts are being delivered to all the SS’s on time and planning the reveal party or event at the end.

How long will your SS event last?

Some have chosen short amounts of time such as a month or two but we chose to do ours for 12 months with fewer gifts in between.

How often are gifts or mail delivered?

This depends on the event participants mostly but do something manageable for your time frame. If it it a shorter amount of time say, a month then maybe a once a week gift, possibly twice a week if your participants are willing to do this. If it is a longer amount of time, like a year, you will want to do something that is manageable for all participants to do so we chose one gift per month but no specific date to deliver by.

Where is the gift drop location?

This is a must so you can remain secretive throughout the event. You will most likely not be mailing packages but if so you will want to leave off the return address. This might be a little uneasy for your group since you would want to make sure it would get back to you if you got something wrong on the address. We chose a central location in a building our church own’s since our church building is going under construction over the next few months. The SS Coordinator will be responsible for checking to make sure the gifts are being picked up and contacting those that have a gift in the location.

What is the dollar minimum/maximum for your Secret Sister Gift Exchange?

You want to set a manageable budget for you gifts in the time frame you chose. We set a minimum budget of $5 on any gifts but no maximum for this time around.

The Big Reveal Party Planning

If you have a longer time frame on your Secret Sister reveal exchange then you can wait to answer these questions a few months out but the earlier the better!

What is your budget for the reveal party?

Is this something your office/church/workplace is providing a budget for or is it out of pocket? Are you throwing a fundraiser to fund the party reveal with the participants? This will determine if you will be hosting a party, or simply getting together to announce the names.

Who can volunteer at the party?

Volunteers are always helpful and the Secret Sister Event Coordinator will need help with the party to ensure success!

When will the reveal be?

Dates and Times are important for all participants to be there. A great idea is to host a poll for a handful of predetermined dates/times for all secret sisters to vote on which is best for them.

Where will the party be?

If it is a smaller group, maybe consider an in-home option or maybe a workspace office if you have one. If you have a larger crowd with a bigger budget you might want to go ahead and start looking into renting a space for your event.

What type of food will you serve?

Again this will depend largely on your budget. A dinner out at a restaurant while hosting it in the larger event room if it is available is a great option. You can cater in if you have a larger crowd. Perhaps you want to opt for something more cozy like a potluck or maybe just some finger foods.

Will you bring one final gift for your secret sister gift exchange?

You can enjoy one final opening of a present and finally get to see your sister open up her present! You can also choose not to if people are chipping in to the budget or hosting a potluck type dinner where people are already contributing but it is completely your choice! (considering your participants of course)

Secret Sister Gift Exchange Guidelines

I have included “Being a Great Secret Sister” in color and b&w for you to review and add in your own dates, times, and locations if you would like to just use our rules we had. It also includes a few starter ideas for those who need a nudge in the right direction.

  • All Secret Sisters must fill our the “Secret Sister Survey” and I have also included one in color and b&w for your secret sisters to fill out
  • After coordinator pairs sisters, read over and try to jot down any ideas for gifts, quotes, or sayings that come to you
  • Be sure to write specific dates down not to forget an important birthday or anniversary
  • It is a great idea to jot down one date to send out your gift each week/month depending on your time frame of your event. The longer the event the easier it is to forget to send by each deadline
  • Make sure you comply with the budget the coordinator sets for the event
  • Remember to remain SECRET, that’s the whole fun of it!
  • Include any other rules/guidelines to make sure all participants know exactly what is needed from them

Secret Sister Gift Exchange Ideas

Refer back to “Being a Great Secret Sister” for this small list of ideas to start off with.

Think outside of the box, don’t choose the obvious gift options. Try to mix and match ideas when possible . Example: favorite fruit=cherries, favorite chocolate- dark=dark chocolate covered cherries

+Maybe her favorite color and flower on a beautiful scarf from her favorite place to shop!

+Print out a favorite scripture and decorate it

+Share a favorite snack with some of her favorite foods and include the recipe on a cute card. I love getting different patterns and mixing them up to hand out.

+Give a bouquet of favorite candies

+Gift her a CD mix of her favorite style of music

AND…if you want to get really sneaky, have a friend (who the secret sister doesn’t know) deliver her favorite coffee to her work in a new cute mug

And of course….

Pinterest is your best friend (tons of amazing ideas-try it if you need inspiration.)

Successful Wishes!

I hope I have provided you with enough tips, guidelines, and ideas to kick off your Secret Sister Gift Exchange. I hope your event as well as ours is a raving success! If you have any other tips for a new Secret Sister, please write some in the comments! I would also love to know if the printables helped your event. Please note if you wished something else might have been included on them!

This is my passion project. I also have essential oils I love and my new store on Etsy called Blyss Your Heart Design . If you like my voice and blog then let’s connect in either way. You can message me, collab or buy my stuff. I’ll love you either way! Go to Facebook group Blyss Your Heart to where the magic of connecting to like-minded people is happening right now!

My opinions are 100% my own and I only post on things I use on myself and my family. If you found this valuable at all please help me spread the word by sharing this to your favorite Social Media platform.

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What is a Target Audience

What is Your TargetSo, you have decided to start a business and maybe you have thrown a few things out there but you are not succeeding. A crucial step in building your business is to find your “Target Audience” and not many people know how to find a target audience or what that even is. So by the time you get done reading this you will be able to know What a Target Audience is, Why it is Important, and How to Develop Your Target Audience.

What is a Target Audience?

A Target Audience is the group of people that will most likely buy your products or use your services. Target Audiences are vastly different for different people and services.

Why is a Target Audience Important?

If you are offering a business or service for example, a Target Audience will be the crucial step in success. It is important to know who you are talking to so you can create the ads, posts or pictures to attract them. If you create “content” like those for everyone, you might still succeed in a few people getting interested but for the most part it will take a long time if at all to attract people to actually buy your products or use your services.

How to Develop Your Target Audience?

This is a complex step in the process of your business and requires research for developing a really great Target Audience. Here are a few first questions to ask in developing your Target Audience:

Thinking about YOUR product and service write down the answers and be as specific as possible to help narrow down YOUR Target Audience:

What age is your ideal client?

Where are they located?

What is their gender?

What is some of their personality traits?

What is their family lifestyle like?

What kind of job they have? or Do they even have a job?

What is their income like?

What are the needs of this person?

What are some of their pain points?

What are their challenges?

When you have answered these questions look back and make sure it is as SPECIFIC as possible.

A really great tool you can use is to create an “Avatar”. You can draw an outline of a person and inside the outline write very specific words describing the ideal tribe (or your “Target Audience”). Each time you sit down to create content, look at the Avatar and make sure your words and photos are speaking and attracting to the Target Audience.

Pro Tip* You can then start to research that Target Audience and adjust your words, phrases, and photos into what you are seeing your Target Audience use and like as well.


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The First Celebration Saturday

MondayMotivation (13)I know I am a bit late but we had a bit of a rough start to the day earlier. I am thinking about doing some daily things on my other social channels and I would love some comments to see if you would like some on my blog as well! 
I just signed up to a really great daily bible verse subscription that has scriptures everyday and so far it has been amazing to remind myself daily on how I need to submerse myself not only on one day but all week in the Lord’s word.
Gratefulness. This word keeps popping up in a lot of my personal development whether it is part of my religion, a podcast, books, whatever it might be this word comes up more than any others. I feel like there is a certain mindset you must have to have a grateful heart and upon accepting the challenge to consistently pursue a grateful heart, many blessings over flow.
Romans 15:13 was the verse that was sent yesterday and in a good time of need as well.
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
With that it was an image of a cup a life and when the cup of life overflows either in a good way of many blessings or a bad way of trails what pours out of the cup is hope! I love this vision that you have the choice to overflow with hope no matter what the situation is. You can overflow with hope to anyone who is around you, isn’t that amazing?
So I wanted to overflow with hope today in celebrating the week with a Celebration Saturday!
I have had my fair share of ups and downs this week but here is what really stood out to me that was worth celebrating:

🙌I got another entire week with my family!

Another week down in the countdown to F.R.E.E.D.O.M. summer!
.🏠I got a lot packed up in the house.
🛠️Our house inspection went great and the sellers are going to fix all but one of the repairs needed (which is only a cosmetic fix anyway so we are happy about that)
📓I got to spend time with my 2nd grader for his Poetry Slam on Friday!
😭I cried a lot because we are having to say goodbye to the best teacher we could have ever asked for who has loved on him and really truly believed in him this year and got him loving school.
👏On the same kind of note, he got accepted to the gifted program and I am really hoping the new school has an accelerated program like this one!
💩My dog only pee’d in the house TWICE this week and poo’d only ONCE!!! Isn’t that fantastic?!?!?
I hope my Celebration Saturday filled you with hope and encouragement to look at the bright-side and to have a grateful heart for your week too!
Go ahead and let me know what YOUR Saturday Celebrations are down below!!!
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Growth Mindset is Everything

“Growth Mindset is EVERYTHING!

What is growth mindset? Before we get to Growth mindset we first have to answer what mindset means.

By definition Mindset is

1.an attitude, disposition, or mood.
2.an intention or inclination.
So when you think about Growth Mindset, it is the attitude, disposition, or mood focused towards GROWTH. Growing ourselves, wealth, happiness, whatever you choose to focus on can be yours. Now our minds are powerful tools. They can do AMAZING and POWERFUL things or we can simply let them go to waste. It is our choice and our mindset becomes an enormous part of our journey.

I started my journey a little over a year ago on changing who I had become. My mentality with the world was revolved around anger, for no apparent reason and I was unhappy with most of my decisions I had made in life. From then a little personal development journey sprouted and I HAD to make a change I WAS MISERABLE!


This month my challenge I have accepted in my personal development is the Strangest Secret challenge which I TOTALLY recommend! I can totally get you the link if you want to take a listen for yourself!


Today I took away I think the most important lesson, (even though there are so many greats in that little audio) WE ARE WHAT WE THINK.


What does this mean really? Yes, you have heard “We are what we eat” before but I had never heard “We are what we think” before. I hadn’t really thought about this concept until this challenge. So I have been mindfully taking control of what I am thinking. I am honestly ashamed of how much I do waste time in my thoughts or maybe thinking negatively. Maybe some of you recognize some of those that I will share with you today.

“Why am I even bothering to do this no one else will care if I do or not.”

“I am putting in so much effort on this and nothing will ever happen with it.”

“I am wasting my time talking about this there so many other things I could be doing.”

Or how about even thinking negatively about others?


I am on a mission to take back my thoughts.

I declare that I will succeed because I am THINKING about it.


I love the way the Strangest Secret describes our mind. He simply puts it as a fertile piece of land and it will produce whatever you plant. So are you planting positive or negative seeds? Every little thought produces abundance. Are you going to get negativity in abundance or positivity today?


I challenge you to take back your mind and let nothing interfere with your success today. There is nothing in our way except ourselves.

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How to make BIG life decisions?

So, I unfortunately have not been able to get on here in a while. I am in the middle of some BIG life decision changes and we have been busy running around figuring out what we are going to do.

I have the choice to stay home with my children this summer, which I am so entirely grateful for! We are moving, prompting me to leave my job which is going to allow this break along with the income from the blog and my essential oil business.

We are also contemplating having another baby. AND we have until the end of May (school’s out) to decide where we will live, and in fact me being off the summer continuing to grow the blog and business is the wisest choice for us.

Yes. I know! BIG life changing decisions! So while we are going through a little bit of a quarter life crisis, I am really trying to figure out what I want in my life, moving around things that I want changed and completely removing those things I don’t want.

How do you decide on your life’s biggest decisions?

We have the main plan but so many things are left undecided. I have a few things I am doing and need all the help I can get to decide the rest. Here’s how we have came to the conclusions to move back home, let me stay home for (at least) the summer, AND try to have another little one!

Praying HARD – constantly, in my mind, out loud, and I have even cried and screamed out loud because I had NO IDEA where the Lord is leading me and wondering if I am making the right choices

(trying my best to…) LET GO!- I know there is a plan and He has had my entire life planned out and it has never been me to decide anything. So I am in my best control-self ways LETTING GO!

Financially Deciding– With me quitting my job to do this, some things are going to have to be let go so we are able to have a better future in the end.

Communication– Lots and lots of talking to my husband out loud about plans and decisions. We have been talking about our fears, worries, AND our excitement about our new future! I have also been getting a lot of advice from friends and family, but you can guess what a mix bag that is.

Pro and Con lists– So I am a list type of a person as you might see. So before any big decisions I write out a pro and con list for each decision and make a logical and informed decision from there.

I have included my free How to Make Big Life Decisions Pro-Con List Printable for you to use for any of your big upcoming decisions too!!!

So help a girl out and give me any tips you have on how you make YOUR BIG LIFE decisions!!!

If any of this helps you make your big decisions, I would absolutely LOVE to hear about it!!!!


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My REAL Story

This is quite possibly the hardest thing I will ever write. It brings up alot of emotions and things I have not thought about in a while. I just want to let everyone know where I came from, to see how far I have come and why I believe every word of what I am writing through my blog and why I am so passionate about helping others find serenity and their purpose.

We will go all the way back to elementary school so you can get the whole story, so ever since I was in elementary school, I remembered getting migraines. A lot of those were probably due to stress. I had test anxiety, social anxiety, and I was always very active and hyper which led to me getting into trouble a lot. My mom and dad decided it was best to homeschool and took me out of public school for middle school grades. In those years, I became really depressed and started doing bad things to my body like trying to lose weight by throwing up or starving, I was a cutter and I actually tried to kill myself once. The doctors told me and my parents that God had something better planned for me since I was still alive because they didn’t know why I should be. That should have been a turning point but sadly it wasn’t.

I was brought to a mental hospital for a month and got prescribed a few things for depression and anxiety which were suppose to help my migraines too. I also had to see a psychiatrist for a long time after that and I was labelled with many disorders and problems. I returned to 9th grade in public school which they thought might help with my emotional problems and I was ready for that. I was always a very social person and loved friendships so I loved the idea! Upon returning to public school, I got into a lot of trouble with overusing prescription pills and was turned in to the principal and arrested. I went to rehab for a few weeks and we dealt with a lot of family stress and issues while I was in there.

After getting out of rehab, I went to alternative school where I met some great friends. Somewhere in those years, my parents divorced and I was suppressing those feelings as well. I spent a lot of time with one friend in particular from the alternative school and we actually went trick or treating together (This was at 15 years old). That year was the year that I met my now husband and quite possibly saved me. A lot of things had to line up for us to reconnect and I now see it was a TOTAL GOD thing!

He was the best person I had ever met. He respected me and brought me back to church. He did not approve of all my drinking and other bad habits and eventually told me that it was all the crazy stuff or him. I am so glad God had his hand in there because I know on my own, I would have made a wrong choice. It wasn’t easy from there on either, I was still on medications and labeling myself with problems and using those to excuse the ways I behaved as well.

With our relationship over the years we have had trials, break ups, unfaithfulness, yelling matches, slammed doors, walking away, but we always found our way back to each other (again TOTAL GOD thing!) We tried for our first baby when we were engaged and got pregnant on the first time (we actually started to think someone was infertile because there had been no “oops” anytime before) When we found out, we had to scoot up the wedding a bit. While I was pregnant I decided to wean off all medications since I didn’t want my baby to be exposed to anything like that.

While I was pregnant I was great for the most part, it was a pretty easy pregnancy. After I had Tyler, I battled post partum depression and stayed at home most of the time. I gained a lot during the pregnancy and had no eagerness to get out of bed and definitely not to a gym. I finally returned to an antidepressant to get me out of the slump which helped enormously. I had taken them until we decided to have another baby and that was when we had an early miscarriage in 2011. That was really hard on me and I fell into depression yet again. I know it’s exhausting to even write out all the times I have been depressed and the emotions I have battled with but I promise there is a light at the end of the story 🙂

Months later we decided to try again and I was petrified I was going to lose the baby again and was nervous the entire time I was pregnant. On Mothers day of 2012 we got into a wreck and again PETRIFIED something was wrong with the baby but another TOTAL GOD thing and he kept us safe. In August 2012 we had Samuel. I was so excited but again I felt the depression coming on again and went back to the doctor to start the medicine to get me off to a good start with my new baby. I also couldn’t take many medications since I breast fed both. For 4 years after I had been up and down and started to have panic attacks which felt like I was going to either pass out or die which increased the anxiety. My doctor told me to look into what I was eating and getting healthier.

So I started to get my body back in shape and look into healthy eating for my growing family. I moved to Birmingham in 2016 and took a job that I thought was going to launch my career and end my panic attacks and stress but ended up not being what I thought it would be. I was really stressed out and working crazy times and long hours to make sure the business ran smoothly. It was a lot of pressure and my home life suffered as well as my relationships with my boys. I never had time to see them and when I did I was so exhausted I just wanted to lay down on the couch and binge watch episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, or find old episodes of the OC! So I did that for a year and I just had a realization that I didn’t want to live like that and I was so angry with everyone I couldn’t stand myself.

I changed jobs which helped my emotional situations but it wasn’t enough. I would still just get angry or depressed for no reason. I was tired and ill at everyone and was still smoking at this time trying to ease this dissatisfaction with life in general. I started looking into getting healthier options for my mood and emotions and through that I started being on Pinterest. Now in the meantime, my mom has used these snake oil stuff for years and have left several behind for me to use and try and I wasn’t having it! I thought she was crazy talking about how oils can help support sleep and if I rub a dab Peace and Calming on my kids it would support them. I thought she was losing it!

So among the Pinterest posts I was bing-ing on, it said if you rub Purification on the inside of your shoes that oil would help to freshen and eliminate odors. I have always had stinky feet so I figured why not?!?! She had left some of that behind and so I tried it on my shoes and abracadabra the smell was gone. Now I was still skeptical but after it lasted a few days of me wearing the shoes, i started thinking what else have been missing out on? If this little thing could take the smell away from my life-long issue with stinky feet then what else could these little oils do right?

I then went to lemon and started putting 2 drops in my water everyday and started loving to drink water again! Did you know lemon vitality oil includes the naturally occurring constituent limonene which is AHHHMAZING (just google it). I was also working out and starting to notice alot of people were using PanAway after exercise applied to neck and back anytime for a soothing and stimulating aromatic
experience. I was interested in getting more and realized the best deal was the kit since it included what I wanted to try and the others, i ordered the kit, started diffusing the oils and the very first night I put lavender and peace and calming in and was amazed at the results. I snatched up the Stress Away and started it right away. I have some oils I have been using for my unpleaseant tension and emotional support too.

With turning my life around and gaining more knowledge and changing my attitude, its been 4 months since I have had any panic attacks. I am truly grateful for the support I have been led to. I am so excited to see what opportunities come next as I learn how to utilize more from nature. I am so happy from this income as well. I have seen friends grow to change their stars and make a greater life for their family but their children’s family as well. I am talking about life-changing growth and opportunities to give back in ways I have never even dreamed of.

I am in the beginning now but I know this is completely possible and achievable. I am so excited for the opportunities and friendships I have already been exposed to just by surrendering to the possibilities and knowing looking back I will be able to say that this was a TOTAL GOD thing too!! I want you to experience this freedom with me too and realize that you do not have to live your life suffering!

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5 Tips for Time Management

Because of the interest in this post I have decided to put up my own Mom-trepreneur Planner! Those who would like the first sneak peak when I launch the planner go right here!

I am feeling accomplished today! Got tons of stuff off my To Do List, got lots of work done on my blog, and in my Facebook event I am running and excited to start the day fresh tomorrow. I feel like I am really good at getting things D.O.N.E. and I do this by being very intentional with my time. Here’s how I help myself out:

1. Planners- my planners have planners of my plan to plan out my planners. You get the idea, and you could say the same of the lists in those planners. But guess what? I have a “home” stuff to do planner and a “work” stuff to do planner that is a MUST. When I am at home, I have my home planner OPEN. When I am at work I have my work planner OPEN. Always and no exceptions but it took me a while to get in the habit of this. I always do the hard stuff first on either planner. The crappy stuff that I don’t like to do! I love marking through things on my list , I’ve tried digital and the act of literally scratching through something is more satisfying to me and it doesn’t get lost in my phone within apps, messages, calls, Google, Youtube. FACEBOOK. Who clicks on calendar first? I think some people don’t even know about the calendar or maybe they would be on time for things haha sorry guys had to say it!
2. “Multi-tasking“- It just means you are doing a bunch of things halfway and not getting anything accomplished. Have you tried to do the dishes, do the laundry, have a conversation, create a blog post and cook supper at the same time? I have and I usually end up burning something, forgetting to start the washer, have a half-full sink of dishes when I sit down in front of the computer with a few sentences chopped together and end up forgetting parts of my conversations. But try the same tasks and INTENSELY FOCUS on ONE task and you will be more effective. Try narrowing down the methods of HOW to do that one task, how to more efficient at this one task. I have played games to finish a task before the timer goes off. Time myself at a certain activity and try to beat my time. I have also, since I was being INTENSELY FOCUSED, created faster methods of doings things I need to get done. This applies to kids to and until recently I didnt really put them in the category of “multi-tasking” but they need undivided attention too. I have learned a new method of working through social media and guess what? That doesn’t turn off ever! It’s not like you can leave your place of work and be done for the day, no more customers, no more questions, so it has affected my relationships with my family. So when I am home and scheduled for home time, usually between getting the kids from school and getting home to cook dinner and the kids bedtime is scheduled family time. Uninterrupted by turning my phone onto airplane mode and not getting any messages or calls for their time. It’s not fair to them to let things pull you away when daily tasks are getting your undivided attention.
3. Stop saying you are “busy”– Now this is going to hit some people the wrong way, and I TOTALLY get it. Not only 4 months ago I would have argued this point until I was blue in the face. BUT you say, I AM BUSY, I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO DO IN A DAY. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE! I’M SO EXHAUSTED BECAUSE I WAS SO BUSY TODAY! Yes, I have said the same things over and over and over again. But let’s get real ladies for a minute. Every single person on earth has the SAME 24 hours to work with. If you work, if you stay home, kids, pets, family, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. There’s time wasters somewhere. You just have to create time spaces to GET. IT. DONE. What do I mean by this if you are already busy? How do you create those time spaces? Start by jotting every single thing down for 1 week. Do not change a single thing use this week as your test week. It will surprise you I promise. Guess what a few things I remember being on my busy week….Eating while watching 3 episodes of New Girl….yeh….so….I was super busy right? and how about my 10 hours of sleep I would get on my off days? OH yea and the days I was off that I would binge watch my favorite shows (that I had already seen by the way) and quickly clean up for about an hour before the hubby got home because he would complain that I hadnt done anything all day because I was off and then I’d snap his head off and tell him HOW BUSY I was all day!!! He just “didnt understand”! Yea ladies I completely get it but thats all about your mindset, getting super REAL with yourself, and changing your actions from there!
4. Personal Development– I know what you are thinking and how this is going to help with time management but keep on reading….So when I started this whole adventure my “why” (which is my next point) was because I looked at myself in the mirror and was disgusted. At my weight, my body, and within my actions in my life too. That’s the reason I started looking into all this in the first place. I found a great group of ladies who introduced me into “personal development”. Now at the time I was saying to myself yea right, whatever, sure Ill do personal development but only on the days I am not “too busy” sound familiar? So the first day came and went with no personal development, then second and then the third, I was too busy I said, how could I do all this? Then they did a post on how to fit it in while you were driving in the car and how they listened to podcasts on the way to work. Now I only have about a 15 minute commute so I don’t have much time but I figured I could do that if it was only in the car. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT PODCASTS WERE! I had to be told what app to play them on (which the one I use is PlayerFM for free) So they recommended some great ones and one I tried AND recommend is Earn Your Happy by Lori Harder. So I just pressed play. That’s it. And for over 4 months now that has changed the way I fit in any education or development and I have even listened to an entire book on audio just within the 15 minutes driving. So let’s do the math 5 days a week driving both ways at 15 minutes each so 30 minutes per day (without counting the few minutes I get to work early some days and just sit in the car and finish listening to a segment) times the 4 months I have been doing this would be about 40 hours. 40 HOURS WORKING ON ME MYSELF AND I. That beats the time it takes to drive to therapy and it was free! This action alone helped me reframe my thoughts about where to carve my time out of. How could I reuse some more of my “dead” time. Time you can’t use because it is blocked out for something else.  This is how I made my time movements to create my time management!
5. Defining your “WHY”– So when I started this whole adventure I didn’t write my “why” down. Why? Because I didn’t even know what that was. I just knew I needed help with my anger and my weight because I was disgusted with myself and I knew if I didn’t stop it at that point I was going to lose everything I had because no one wanted to be around me at that point. (Those who knew anyway) Your why can change. Your why can be many things. I recommend writing it down in somewhere that you see daily. When you wake up preferrably and not somewhere you must go to in order to see it. So don’t hide it in a room you only go in once a week get it front and center. I have a cheap mirror in my bedroom that is a floor length mirror that I have wrote many whys on. I look at it every morning while I am getting dressed, some morning before I get out of bed and then I see my why and I get the hell out of bed! Because when you see FREEDOM, TIME WITH YOUR CHILDREN, HELPING 1000’s of PEOPLE REACH THEIR GOALS on your mirror, YOU GET THE HELL OUT OF BED and YOU GET TO WORK! You will need it because there will be the days you don’t feel like doing anything, you will want to go back to what is comfortable, you will get sick, you will be tired and you will need your motivation and that is when you will read your why’s. When you are wasting time by watching your movie or scrolling Facebook and look up and see your why’s, you will get back on track. You can remember your whys when you leave your house and if something you are doing that day isn’t supporting your whys you can quickly adjust instead of wasting the whole day.
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God Has a Purpose

I am just going to take a minute to say Thank You. I am practicing gratefulness and beginning each morning with prayer about what I am thankful for to get in the habit. So it just makes sense to me to give a little gratitude here! For this blog is the source of most of the things I am grateful for! For the past week now I have been praying for God to send me those people who are interested in a healthier lifestyle, who will be open to hearing what I have to say and teach, and more than my daily bread but more not for me but for me to bless others with. I went from having 4 hundred something friends last week to 1127 today with more friend requests in my box than I can keep up with. I really want to connect to each and every one of my new friends. I can say I will be busy developing relationships with each of my new friends and trying to promote whatever it is they are in business with or helping others with! I can’t begin to explain this away even though my skeptic ways want to. My blog is getting promoted by other lovely bloggers who are so creative and giving so much wisdom to their followers as well and I am learning so much in this community. I have learned how it feels to just be another face to sell to and how not to sell like that. I have learned what it’s like to make a real connection with someone and begin to develop a beautiful friendship. I have also learned the importance of having these people to turn to and talk about real life. I have learned how to be vulnerable and open myself to the entire new world and just a few months ago, my best of friends wouldn’t know what I would be going through. I would never share about anything too personal and I didn’t feel like developing relationships and having friends or a community to belong to was important. I have also learned how to provide the knowledge I have to give the opportunities in a non-cheesy sells-y way because no one wants that. I have also learned to be a giver and not a taker. I have made it my passion to give to others with my time, my money, my efforts, and become a better leader because they deserve me to lead them to our highest potential. (Luckily there’s an oil for that!) I believe in my products, I believe in my team, I believe in myself and mostly I believe that God will not let you miss your purpose!