NingXia Red

I thought this was CRAZY at first! I had no idea what NingXia Red was and my first review I would have said it tasted weird to me. I then saw how you can add oils to it to make it have different tastes. So I tried it again and added a vitality essential oil … More NingXia Red

Ground Beef Stroganoff (like Hamburger Helper but better)

Ingredients: 90/10 Grassfed Ground Hamburger 1/2 lb of egg noodles 3 tablespoons Kerry Gold butter 2 beef bouillon cubes 1 1/2 cups hot water 1 package mccormick smoky applewood grill mates Directions: Brown beef while cooking the noodles in a separate pot. While those cook add bouillon cubes to water and let sit so they will dissolve. After … More Ground Beef Stroganoff (like Hamburger Helper but better)

Keto- WHAT!?!?!

Whoa! I have been digging in to alot of research on Keto-Dieting. So for many of you, I encourage you to go check out the varies blogs and sites about it and maybe one day when I know a bit more i will write my own. A brief description is that when you eat a … More Keto- WHAT!?!?!

Salsa Recipe

So this was a little more time consuming than I originally thought but with the help of the hubs, we made our own homemade salsa. As we have been getting more into clean eating we have been adding salsa to almost everything! (and its the only way I can more veggies into the 2 kiddos) … More Salsa Recipe