God Has a Purpose

I am just going to take a minute to say Thank You. I am practicing gratefulness and beginning each morning with prayer about what I am thankful for to get in the habit. So it just makes sense to me to give a little gratitude here! For this blog is the source of most of … More God Has a Purpose


So my word I chose for 2018 is Freedom. There are so many things in America we don’t have to worry about which I am so thankful for! But those are not necessarily why I chose my word as freedom. My word is chosen for a few other things. #1 Time freedom. My number one … More Freedom


So we are talking about abundance and thinking abundantly in all we do throughout our daily lives in our challenge group. And because its November, I have been seeing so many thankful posts all on social media. BUT, I woke up in somewhat of a crappy mood today and I was just off, maybe because … More ABUNDANCE