God Has a Purpose

I am just going to take a minute to say Thank You. I am practicing gratefulness and beginning each morning with prayer about what I am thankful for to get in the habit. So it just makes sense to me to give a little gratitude here! For this blog is the source of most of … More God Has a Purpose

DIY Lip Balm

During the winter months, my skin, hair, and face needs so much love because they become so dry! I have tried every lip balm, stick, and oil out there. I am really picky about the consistency, flavor, taste and texture of what goes on my lips. This is by far my most favorite lip balm … More DIY Lip Balm

Why I emptied our entire bathroom into the garbage can

I’m shouting from my mountain top OKAY??!!??!!  So on my journey of finding the right things that will benefit our family, finding essential oils and finding a chemical free lifestyle, has led me to look into every single thing we are doing. It has led me to read more labels at the grocery store, (believe … More Why I emptied our entire bathroom into the garbage can


So my word I chose for 2018 is Freedom. There are so many things in America we don’t have to worry about which I am so thankful for! But those are not necessarily why I chose my word as freedom. My word is chosen for a few other things. #1 Time freedom. My number one … More Freedom

Poverty Mindset

Over the past few months my life has changed in more ways than I could ever imagine. It all started with a seed of hope and sunshine. It took me out of my “poor me” attitude and from there grew into what I now am. I am happy and energetic again and have done things … More Poverty Mindset